Glorious Self Care Spaces

The Little Village of Goodness

The Little Village of Goodness offers a cornucopia of personal healing treatments.  Journey to the ‘Little Village of Goodness’ and find a village healer awaiting you.  More information on each of these practitioners, and a schedule/cost of their offerings will be posted at the Registration Table at the WHC

Movement Classes —Stretch Your Mind & Body

Stretch into the day with gentle movement and music classes in the early morning

The In Living Color Space

Centering the needs & voices of black, indigenous, women of color, the In Living Color space exists as a way to help bring sisters together, to go deep in our work, to celebrate lineages & experiences. It is space designed by and for black, indigenous, people of color (BIPOC) to find emotional and physical support by way of BIPOC herbalists and herbal first aid.

The Queer & Trans Space

More information coming soon!

The Red Tent

Red Tent Movement is a worldwide grassroots movement creating woman honoring culture, envisioned and birthed by ALisa Starkweather at the New England WHC 10 years ago. This sacred space offers an opportunity to slow down and check in with your precious self, or connect with other sisters in respectful and compassionate exchange. Come in any time during the conference to rest, journal, share bodywork, herbal counsel, or healing, to sing, pray, dance, draw, meditate, restore.