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We hope the hardest decision you have to make all weekend is deciding which of the amazing classes to attend! 
May your minds be stretched; your hearts opened.

At the NEWHC, we specifically strive to bring together plant lovers/herbalists/healers who represent many aspects of herbalism: folklore and family herbalism, clinical, gardener and farmer, energetic and plant spirit teachings, conservation/stewardship, artistry and activism. We strongly feel by interfacing and coming together in the spirit of the green, we can best expand our network of people who are committed to co-creating a healthier world for all. Together, we are part of a revolution in health care, and many of the herbalists who will be attending the NEWHC as speakers and participants alike have helped green the way…  

Each year depending on the teachers, we offer a wide variety of topics and  classes at the WHC. We don’t normally choose a specific topic or have ‘tracks’, because we offer such a variety of classes for all level of participants, and we’ve found that people generally choose what they are most interested in attending. Enjoy! We welcome your feedback.

Please note: There may be a few additions and changes to the classes listed below. 
The Final Schedule with all class changes is posted on August  1st.

BIPOC is an acronym for Black, Indigenous and People of Color. If BIPOC-only spaces are new to you,
we suggest this helpful article from Kelsey Blackwell: Why People of Color Need Spaces Without White People

Adaku Utah

Adaku Utah

Hailing from Nigeria, Adaku Utah is an award winning liberation educator, organizer, healer and performance ritual artist committed to cultivating movements that are strategic, sustainable and mutually nourishing.  For over twelve years, her work has centered in movements for radical social change, with a focus on gender, reproductive, race, youth and healing justice. She is the co-founder and co-director of Harriet's Apothecary, a healing village led by Black Cis Women, Queer and Trans healers, artists, and organizers committed to living out Harriet Tubman's legacy of centering  healing, wellness, and safety as movement building strategies to deconstruct legacies of trauma and galvanize communities to shape generative transformation. She recently joined the staff at National Network of Abortion Funds as their Movement Building Leadership Manager cultivating the leadership capacity of reproductive justice leaders. Adaku has taught, organized and performed both nationally and internationally with organizations like the Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health, Yale University, Planned Parenthood, Black Lives Matter, Astraea Foundation, Black Women’s Blueprint, and the Audre Lorde Project. Over the last two years, in partnership with the Hetrick Martin Institute, she co-led the development of thousands of teachers, city agency officials, social workers and organizers to cultivate safer and more inclusive spaces for LGBTQI folks. She also served as lead consultant with the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, coordinating the first of its kind community-based participatory processes across all 5 boroughs to identify the most pressing issues related to sexual and reproductive health and justice in New York city, for the sake of shifting practices and policies at DOH and  cultivating transformative campaigns. Currently, she is a teaching fellow with BOLD (Black Organizing for Leadership and Dignity) and the Generative Somatics teaching team. She’s been recognized as a 2017 Essence Magazine Woke 100 Change Maker and is a recent recipient of the 2017 Gye Nyame Empowerment Project My Sister's Keeper Award.


Resilience in the Time of Bullshit (BIPOC only)
Come explore herbal remedies, mindfulness practices and spells that support our bodies in cultivating resilience in the face of anti-black racism and white supremacy.  We will focus specifically on herbs that increase the body’s capacity to recognize trauma, restore balance, increase strength and stamina, and resist physical, emotional, and environmental stressors.

Modeled after the Mississippi Freedom schools of the 1960s, we will ground our learning in Black radical traditions, drawing specifically from Black Queer Feminist praxis to understand how we cultivate resilience within our bodies and our communities, channeling wisdom from our ancestors and present day warriors.  

Together we will identify how our bodies respond to acute and chronic stress and co-design creative ways to process and remix our experiences of trauma.

In this interactive, hands-on, Black and Brown love-centered space, we will collectively share tools and resources to uncover the multiple ways white supremacy and anti-black racism traumatizes our minds, bodies and spirits and lift up strategies that center our resistance and resilience. This workshop is specifically geared towards Black, Indigenous and People of color survivors and resistors of anti-black racism and white supremacy and Black, Indigenous and POC folks who do not identify as survivors but recognize that shit is hard as fuck and are struggling and hustling hhaaaaard out here in these streets.

Alexis Doshas

Alexis is a plant ecologist, propagator, conservation biologist, medicinal plant farmer, and artist. She melds the world of science and plant magic, and wishes to inspire the same in others.


Herb walk: Plant Communities
In this herb walk, we will explore plant communities. Understanding and identifying plant communities can inform us what herbs we can expect to see in different environments, and which plants have similar growing conditions and needs. Simple botanizing techniques and plant ID will be incorporated.

Botanical cyanotype prints (Teens Only)
In this hands-on workshop, explore the history and methodology of botanical cyanotype prints and learn how to create them. Cyanotype is an early photographic printing process that uses light-sensitive materials and sunlight to create unique and striking blue prints or “sun prints.” The process lends itself beautifully to the scientific and artistic documentation of botanical specimens.

Alicia Cook.jpg

Alicia Cook

Wolf Clan of the Kanienkehaka Nation, Mohawk
LPN, Master of Traditional Medicine with the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe in Upstate New York.

Alicia Cook works in the division of Akwesasne Cultural Restoration Program (ACRP) also known as Ase Tsi Tewaton, (To make new again) as Master in Traditional Medicines.

She graduated from North Country Community College as an Licensed Practical Nurse.  At the time of her studies, she realized that she wasn’t a nurse but more of a Doctor.  “I needed to get to the root of the problem”, so she integrates knowledge of the human body and herbal support and traditional teachings received from her traditional upbringing.  With this dynamic mix, she assists her clients and students in the healing process with herbal remedies and looks at the whole person through mental, spiritual, physical and emotional wellness”.
She specializes in teaching about culturally important plants and their uses as food and medicine. Alicia works to build curriculum and ways of thinking that will promote and protect food sovereignty, and traditional plant knowledge. Along the way, she has had the cream of the crop of valuable knowledge from respected elders from her community and works towards transfer of knowledge to the younger generation. “We must intertwine and carry forward the knowledge of our traditional wisdom keepers”.

She works close with the Environment Department to help identify traditional medicines that have been contaminated by waste from three major companies in the Akwesasne area with the aim to promote land wellness and cleanup of contaminated areas. “We must always think of the seven generations to come”.  With this attitude, Alicia works on planting endangered plants placed on the United Plant Savers list. “Every year, I put seeds in that we may not see for 4 or even 7 years in an effort for our generations to come”.
Alicia has also traveled around the country and internationally teaching natural medicines to neighboring Native communities, herbal symposiums and Universities.  “Our Native communities are realizing the importance of plants and the need to reintegrate traditional knowledge of harvesting and using plants again. Through decolonization of our people, we have almost lost our traditional teachings and my aim is to help build that back up.  Every grandmother, mother, sister has an inherited right to be able to care for their families using traditional medicines”.

Alicia supports strengthening of women.  Through traditional teachings she has brought back the most sacred of all moon lodge teachings and continues to excel with re-connecting women back to Sky Woman and Roles and Responsibilities of Women.


Women’s Roles and Responsibilities: How did we get here and where are we going?
We often ask ourselves “What on earth am I doing here?” “Who am I?”, “What’s my purpose?” “Where am I going?” What is happening to mother earth? If we are to have a better future for humanity, we must learn who we are. Allow me to share what I have discovered. Join me as I share some valuable teachings and experiences that come from Haudenosaunee perspective and discover womans purpose and roles within the cycle of life. How one word for women In my traditional language of Kanienkeha:ka can be translates to an explosion of understanding in simple terms, who you are. Reconnect your lineage to an ancient doorway and how to conduct yourself on earth. Visit Sky Womans Journey, seed songs, Rites of Passage, grandmother moon and the constellations. Let us end with “Words of encouragement.” As it’s only the beginning.
We are strong and together we are strength.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Pine.
Join me as we discover the uses of white pine and its symbolism amongst the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. (Six Nations of the Iroquois). Learn the medicinal properties and parts used. How to make tea. How it is used to make salves. How it is used to cleanse. How it’s is used spiritually.

Amanda David new bio pic.JPG

Amanda David

Amanda is a community herbalist, the mother of three amazing children, and the creator of Rootwork Herbals and The People’s Medicine School. She tends plants and people growing gardens, handcrafting remedies, offering consultations and teaching. Her approach to herbalism is based in the folkways, on building intimate relationships with the plants that grow nearby in order to bring herbal medicine and home healthcare to the people. In doing this, she sees herbalism as a means to support life and thus resist against oppressive systems, which undermine health. Above all, Amanda is a lover of plants and a lover of people and is passionate about bringing them together in a down to earth, joyful and accessible way that promotes personal and planetary healing www.rootworkherbals.com


Organizing for BIPOC liberation within Western Herbalism (BIPOC only)
Western Herbalism was built on the erasure and appropriation of BIPOC voices and traditions. Despite this, BIPOC herbalists, healers, and careworkers have always found ways to survive, share their medicine and carry forward our healing traditions. As Western Herbal culture begins to shift towards racial equity, BIPOC herbalists will continue to organize for self-determination and autonomy. In this workshop, we will look at ways to navigate this shift, magnify our voices, all while staying true to ourselves and taking care of each other.

Healthcare Injustice, Herbalism and Black Folks
In this class we will look at historical through current examples of disparities and violence against black folks in the u.s. medical system and how mainstream herbalism has largely upheld this injustice. we will consider how this shapes the health and health care choices of black folks and how herbalism has and can be an agent for health equity and justice.

Poor People's Pharmacy: How to Create a Low-Cost Home Apothecary with Food Stamps
Herbal medicine is the people’s medicine. However it remains cost prohibitive for many. One way to bring herbal medicine back to the people is to find creative ways to make it affordable. In this class we will explore how folks who receive SNAP/Food Stamps can utilize these benefits to create an abundance of low-cost herbal medicines for common home health care with common grocery store ingredients.

Ami 2.jpeg


Amikaeyla travels the world extensively as a Cultural Arts Ambassador in partnership with organizations such as the US State Department and the UNHCR and is the founder and Executive Director of ICAHSI, the International Cultural Arts & Healing Sciences Institute. ICAHSI is a contemporary interdisciplinary cultural arts and educational institute and emphasizes collaborations with artists worldwide in performances and engagements on stage, in the studio and in the classrooms to promote healing and wellness through arts and activism. For over the past 25 years The International Cultural Arts & Healing Sciences Institute (ICAHSI) has partnered with governmental, NGO and educational institutions, as well as corporations and individuals to provide innovative programs that unlock group and individual expression through music and the arts. Our transformative Music as Medicine workshops and events show people how to free their own paralyzed voices. She has travelled the world extensively as a liaison between communities and fostering relationships amidst artists, healers and the general populace by designing strategy platforms which allow different cultures and nationalities to gather together and address issues concerning our communities at large. Amikaeyla has been to Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Israel, Beirut, Amman, Damascus, Palestine, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan,Kazakhstan, and Sierra Leone alleviating pain and trauma caused by war to women and children refugees. Our programming is featured on national/international television and has been presented at the Foreign Service Institute Training Academy for US diplomats as a method for cultural and public affairs officers to use art for sharing the US with the world in ways beyond politics.  She is the proud recipient of the Voss Foundation Emerging Leaders Women Helping Women Award, Global Woman Award, the Pioneer Award for Exemplary Leadership and Outstanding Service in Social Justice and Advocacy Award, and the Hero for Peace and Forgiveness award, and has been proclaimed as one of the “purest contemporary voices” by National Public Radio, and MTV states "powerhouse Amikaeyla’s sultry sound is like listening to velvet waterfalls”. Her strong academic interest in Sacred Ethnomusicology led her to study with many spiritual and musical masters culminating in an invitation to perform in India by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. amikaeyla.com


Music As Medicine - Healing with an Artful Purpose
OUR VOICE is our primal power & rhythm is the heartbeat of the universe, and music is a healing force that holds the power to uplift and transform us all. How can we invite the medicine of sound into our lives to heal our spirits, unleash our purpose, and create new stories that bring forth a just and flourishing world? this is an opportunity to connect with a diverse and inspiring group of people; to be uplifted by music, singing, poetry, and story; and to experience the transformative power of community through music as medicine. It is time to be seen BY beING heard, and make a ROUSING LOUD AND LASTING difference. Fine tune your voice through drum, chant and songwriting. Tap into your creativity with the way you use your voice and your words by learning the basics of song structure, lyric and rhyming technique from jazz, rhythm & blues and international vocal stylings. Work on your power voice, stage presence, and learn high level harmonization and percussive vocalization with fellow singers and musicians!

ELEMENTAL MEDICINE WOMAN - Sacred Songs, Spells and Chants to Plant By!
Join us as we learn about sacred plants, herbs and ancient sacred songs and traditional chants to Nature spirits from indigenous tribes and multiple cultures from all over the world! You will learn how to successfully center, have continuous breath, cone, circle sing, harmonize and so much more. All ages and levels welcome! Working with sacred chants and songs to call to the natural spirits and ancestors, we delve into the knowledge from various global traditions. This workshop teaches the ancient tradition of singing with large groups in what is known as a circle song. Utilizing the traditions of various cultures, both ancient and contemporary, we focus on developing and improving playing techniques and our own rhythmic vocabulary, and together, we experience the unifying and revitalizing effects of group playing, toning, and singing. All Levels.

Intensive: Embracing Ultimate Dynamism - The Bold Art of Unleashing your Authentic Voice and Inner Power through honest inner & communal active dialogue and transformation
This world can feel chaotic and unsafe for many, especially if you feel unheard and paralyzed internally.  By feeling your breath and activating your authentic voice, you can stimulate your powerful desire and ability to make change not only in yourself, but also in your community and your world. This gathering will serve as a joyful and compassionate bridge between all people interested in building a more equitable and inclusive way of being together. Through film, song, drumming and dialogue, we will leverage the power of the arts as advocacy to educate minds and open hearts. By tapping into the deep human connection we all share to catalyze critical thinking, self-inquiry, transformative learning, healing, and change, we can infuse our actions with our deepest held values. Then, it is joy, rather than fear, in conjunction with deep analysis that allows us to yearn to cultivate Joy as a Pathway to Equity. The powerful combination of film, dialogue, art, theatre, poetry and transformative learning can and will create pathways for analysis and understanding that can foster equitable change. In this intensive, we will dig deep and look at what keeps us from expressing our true thoughts and feelings, unveil how that has an effect on us physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and how, by finding your authentic voice and speaking your truth into power through the healing power of sound and song, we can change that paradigm and enter into a blissful state of wholeness and alignment, and catalyze transformation.

Angel Putney.jpg

Angel Putney Noe

Angel is registered nurse, community herbalist & teacher. Her journey as an herbalist started many years ago as she traveled around the country learning about plants and teaching herbal first aid. She attended the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine as an apprentice in 2003. Directly following this she earned her BSN in a nursing at the University of Southern Maine.

Her nursing career has been dedicated to working with underserved populations locally and internationally, working at clinics and community health projects such as the Health Care for the Homeless Clinic, Partners for Rural Health in the Dominican Republic, Maine Migrant Health, Portland Community Health Center, and Positive Health Care & Frannie Peabody Center. Through her work within the field of HIV she has worked providing primary care to people living with HIV, as well as an HIV Medical case manager. In this role she advocated for primarily immigrant populations in Southern Maine.

She currently runs an herbalism program, Reclaiming our Roots Community Herbalism. This project was created with social justice principles of creating affordable access to herbal education and medicine. She continues to teach classes, make medicine and host a free monthly Tea Thyme in North Stonington, CT. She also currently works with her wife at Natural Family Health & Integrative Medicine as a nurse educator, medicine maker and office manager. www.reclaimingourroots.com


Integrative Herbal Formulation
So now we know about the herbs.... how do we put them together to create synergistic formulas designed specifically for a person? We will discuss different menstrums and how to effectively blend them into functional medicine. We will create some sample blends that are tasty (most of the time), easy to use and effective. (Intermediate)

Food as Medicine
Let our food be our medicine. With the onslaught of conventional farming, mass production and genetic modification in our food sources, it has become all the more important to understand where our food is coming from and how to naturally nourish our bodies. We will discuss using herbs in our everyday diet to nourish and support the body and all of its systems. We will have some samples and recipes to share in class. (Beginner)

Strong Heart & Resilience Medicine
Our hearts and spirits are resilient & keep us moving through even the toughest of times in life. We will explore some plant allies that support our mind, body and spirit. We will discuss the body systems that are commonly affected and how to support them through grief, trauma & stress.

Sobande blondesobande2.jpg

Angelique “Sobande” Moss-Greer

A Descendant of Enslaved Africans in the United States, Sobande was trained in the sacred art of herbalism by her great grandmother. She is a Afro Herbalist, Holistic Nutritionist, Educator, Consultant, Author, Founder & Creative powerhouse behind the NCB School of Herbalism & Holistic Health www.naturalchoicesbotanica.com, Sacred Waters Herbal Retreat for Women of Color  www.sacredwatersretreat.com and the United States first Afro Botany Immersion Conference http://hiddengarden.co/afro-botany-conference/ & 2yr learning Program. Sobande resides near Nashville TN with her King of 25 yrs, three daughters, 4 precious grandluvs and their fat family dog Lullie Bell.


Herbs, Slavery & America
Africans newly pressed into slavery always carried fragmented memories of their culture, music, folklore, social structure, spiritual beliefs and plant medicine to the mines, cotton-fields, tobacco and plantations of America. On the plantations slaves passed their African roots to their descendants orally in a tradition that survives to this day. This workshop provides a mere glimpse into the extraordinary herbal healing legacy of Africans who built America.

Intensive: The Ozain Herbalism System "For Client Assessment & Evaluation"
The Ozain Herbalism System is a spiritual and philosophical science born from a creative essence that brings about a wholeness in the human spirit. Students of this system, aspire to bring themselves into alignment with the divine cause of life. The Ozain System teaches students to condition the body in its entirety so disease won't attack. Attendees for this intensive will get a glimpse into the beauty of African Plant Herbology and how it connects to our physical and spiritual worlds.


Ayo Ngozi

Ayo is a clinical and community herbalist, an historian, and an artist committed to documenting traditional herbal practices of the African diaspora, and making evidence-based herbal education accessible to all. She is an instructor at Wild Ginger Herbal Center in Maryland and Costa Rica, designs courses at the Herbal Academy in Bedford, MA, and teaches at conferences and herbal schools in the US and abroad. In her clinical practice, Ayo works with clients of all ages using an approach that integrates scientific knowledge and traditional wisdom to maintain wellness and support common imbalances. She is based in New Bedford, Massachusetts.


Healing Our Ancestors: Plants and Practices (BIPOC only)
We are made, literally, of our ancestors’ flesh and blood and also carry their experiences, memories, joys and traumas. We also inherit traditions and practices that can support us in healing the wounds of our ancestors. This workshop will facilitate an exploration of materia medica and herbal practices intended to connect us more deeply and positively to our ancestral lineage, and to cultivate healing that can sustain future generations.

“Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child”: Oxytocin Disruption, Traumatic Stress, and Herbal Strategies
An exploration of the role in oxytocin in women's’ wellness with a focus on BIPOC women and those affected by intergenerational trauma and geographical displacement. We’ll look at oxytocin and its function through different lenses—physiology, history, genetics, and energetics. We’ll consider traditional ways of supporting healthy endocrine balance that supports connection and bonding, and discuss ways oxytocin disruption may be addressed through herbal preparations, nutrition, and the potent medicine of how we show up as herbalists and healers. (Intermediate)

Intensive: A People’s Herstory of Herbal Medicine
An intensive in which we look to our own roots in plant medicine, especially as they relate to the history of herbal medicine practice in the US, in order to tell new, true histories. Through lecture, small group discussions (on everything from family stories, to recipes, to songs), the creation of an epic participatory timeline, and medicine-making, we will envision and then co-create a way to document a more inclusive and representational history of western traditional herbalism.

Intensive: Intersections Between Herbalism, Health, and Justice: Moving from “Allyship” to “Accompliceship”  Ayo Ngozi, Stephanie Morningstar, and Dana L Woodruff (sliding scale)
Healing is the act of facilitating Creation to transform and bring back into balance that which has become dis/eased. It is our responsibility as medicine helpers, herbalists, and facilitators of Creation to provide healing spaces and experiences that are safe, equitable, and congruent with our clients’ unique stories and experiences. To create inclusive, equitable, and safe healing spaces for all people we must search for and examine the root cause of disease. In this case, we will explore social determinants of health and the movement to “decolonize” healing through creating safe space, which begins in the hearts, hands, minds, and spirits of each individual practitioner.

Join us as we hold up the mirror to examine the foundations of an epidemic made invisible- the crystalline structure of colonization and its effects on our health and well being. We will bear witness to how systemic and institutional racism and heteropatriarchy affects and degrades our relationship with Creation. We’ll work together and in small groups to understand how to actively decolonize our minds, hearts, herbal practices, and relationships to the land. This workshop will shed light on the colonized roots of western herbalism and ethnobotany; the history and impacts of colonization as a root cause for disease; and how we can collectively and individually work to actively dismantle systems of oppression to build a stronger, more resilient foundation as a practitioner and human being.

This workshop is meant for all those who want to hone their skills and become the most effective practitioner possible; who consider (or would like to consider) themselves “Allies” who are ready to unlearn the dominant ideology that supports systemic oppression often upheld in western herbal healing spaces; who are ready to reclaim their ancestral legacies as healers in right relationship with each other and the land; and who experience systemic oppression and want to know more about how to effectively heal from the legacy of historical trauma and inequitable social determinants of health.

This is a 4-hour intensive course that will prepare you for deeper dives into health justice work. It’s an opening meant to catalyze you into deeper learning. The course is being co-taught by Dana Woodruff, Ayo Ngozi, and Stephanie Morningstar. We will focus on the experiences of Black, Indigenous, and PoC herbalists, clinicians, and patients, and will also learn about the experiences of Allies and Accomplices who have stood at the forefront of this work with us.

Becca Herrington

Becca is an herbalist, who apprenticed under the guidance of Rosemary Gladstar, Becca has a genuine love for all the beauty and healing potential that the plant kingdom graciously offers us. She has spent more than two decades training in the shamanic practices of the traditional peoples of the Andes mountains and jungles of Peru and Ecuador. She is currently under the tutelage of the Magia, her matrineal lineage of Sicily.


Ritual Yoga
A practice of internal listening ,creating harmony and centeredness while invoking love and light into the body and its energetic fields. A restorative yin yoga practice. Through the energetic practice of plant limpia, essential oils and touch used in conjunction with the poses, blocked energies are identified, opened and released. Support is not only physical but spiritual. We leave balanced, grounded in the earth, grounded in our breath and open to Spirit.

Betzy with fringe tree.jpg

Betzy Bancroft

Betzy teaches herbal medicine and nutrition at the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism, a non-profit she helped found in Montpelier, VT. VCIH offers a sliding-scale herbal clinic where she also practices and is a supervisor for the students’ clinic. Betzy is also a United Plant Savers Advisory Board member, and previously served as that organization’s office manager for a decade. She has an enormous love and appreciation for plants, microbes and the interconnections of Nature.


Introduction to Phytonutrients
You’ve heard of ‘eat a rainbow each day:’ Find out more about why! There are colorful substances in foods that aren’t considered vitamins, yet have beneficial effects on our body’s structures and their functions, acting in several ways to help protect us from disease. We’ll discuss these beneficial effects and give examples of the phytonutrients and locally growable plants that provide them.

Learning Energetics from Nature
Energetic patterns underlie many of the world’s traditional medical systems, and today we can still use our own direct experience of Nature to recognize them. Learning to see these patterns of nature reflected in the human being gives us great insight into the root imbalances behind our symptoms. This class will explore the fundamental qualities of heat, cold, dry and damp and the patterns they create, such as tension, stagnation, atrophy and laxity.

The Digestive System Connected to the Nervous System
Beginning with a basic “wiring diagram,” we’ll trace the numerous connections between these two systems, and how they affect one another. We’ll discuss herbal remedies that are perfectly suited to address imbalances in this relationship that manifest especially in digestive problems and ups and downs of mood.

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 6.52.34 AM.png

Beverly Little Thunder

Beverly Little Thunder is an enrolled member of the Standing Rock Lakota Band from North Dakota. She has been both a Sundancer and Inipi Ceremony Water Pourer for over 40 years. Her permanent home is Kunsi Keya Tamakoce, situated high in the mountains of Vermont and comprising 100+ acres of natural beauty; the site accommodates a program of Lakota ceremonial activities across the year. Along with leading activities on the land and providing guidance for individuals and families in life’s transitions, Beverly travels widely to speak and share her traditions and work. She speaks about traditional beliefs and ceremonies, community building and  personal empowerment, breaking the cycle of violence against women and children, LGBTQA peoples, undoing racism and other forms of oppression through practicing the values of inclusivity and respect that come from understanding our place in the interconnected web of life. She is a teacher, activist, author, “two spirit” woman, a mother of five, grandmother of many, and community leader and teacher for many more.


Inipi Ceremony

Gifted thru a dream to a grandmother, the “inipi" is a place to return to the safety of our mother’s womb and pray. Enveloped in the breath of our ancestors we offer prayer and song to those who came before us and for those yet to come. It is a sacred place in which one enters and sits on the ground with others in a circle. Hot stones which represent the ancient ones are brought in and sprinkled with the water we all are a part of. The door opens four times and the guide leads all through cleansing , requesting, offering of the sacred pipe, and finally giving gratitude.

What to bring:

  • An open heart

  • Sincere prayers

  • A towel upon which to sit and one to dry off with.

  • Comfortable shorts, tank top, loose dress, sarong wrap or nothing at all.

  • Bring a dollar or two to put in travel fund basket for the six fire tenders.

Inipi will be offered for no additional fee for participants at the NE WHC, but since the space is limited, Beverly has asked that people pre-register.

For the Friday and Saturday afternoon Inipi ceremonies, you can register on the main Registration page. For the BIPOC-only, there will be a sign-up in the In Living Color Space Friday afternoon. For the Teen ceremony, it is open to all of the Circle within a Circle participants.


  • Friday - 2:30 pm

  • Saturday - 7:00 am - BIPOC only

  • Saturday: 2:00 pm

  • Sunday: 9:00am-10:30am for Teen Girls

Carina Lopez Ireland Picture.jpg

Dr. Carina Lopez

Dr. Carina Lopez is a bilingual Spanish/English naturopathic doctor, homeopath, licensed acupuncturist, master herbalist and biosyntonist. Using a supportive environment, Dr. Lopez assists with a spectrum of issues using the body’s own healing potential and natural, safe, effective treatments. She began her career in conventional medical school, a model of healthcare that disillusioned her. During this time she became quite ill and thus learned the profound connection between health and happiness. In search of a new model of healthcare that would be more fulfilling, she traveled to Belize, working with shaman. She enrolled at the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine specializing in homeopathy under Dr. Florence McPherson, Dr. Eleanor Herschberger and Dr. Eugene Zampieron, University of Bridgeport Acupuncture Institute and the School of Natural Healing. She also traveled to India and volunteered at the Maher Baba Free Homeopathic Dispensary and practiced homeopathy under her mentor, Robert Street. Dr. Lopez has also attended the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy in Greece for Post-Graduate studies under George Vithoulkas.

Dr. Lopez has written for the Daily News, Huffington Post, Riverdale Press, NDNR, Latinista and more. Dr. Lopez ran a Free Health and Healing course at the Church of the Mediator in Conjunction with the Kingsbrige-Riverdale Farmers market in the Bronx. Dr.Lopez has spoken for professional institutions such as the New York University and Columbia Universities Food Justice Program. On her time off she enjoys wildcrafting herbs with her soulmate Sakis Stamou, cooking healing meals, sailing, meditating, reading, knitting, writing and living life to the fullest. VitalistHealingTraditions.com


Healing our Bao-Mai our heart-uterus connection using nature's allies
This workshop will focus on the heart-uterus connection through the understanding of the Bao Mai in Chinese medicine. We will also explore herbs, homeopathics, Chinese medicine and different sorts of touch therapy that help strengthen the Bao-Mai connection. Cases from my clinic, Vitalist Healing Traditions, will be shared to help facilitate the learning process.

The Myth of Demeter-Persephone and understanding trauma which when healed leads to renewal and transformation through the use of some of nature’s healing allies through an understanding of Myth, Medical Astrology, Homeopathy and Herbalism
Trauma is pervasive in our society. Our ability to understand and heal the wounds of trauma through mythological representations, cosmology, herbal and homeopathic allies are imperative for our abilities to heal and transform and regenerate our lives from the wounds we have suffered. This workshop will uncover the myth of Demeter-Persephone, trauma and the use of herbs, homeopathics, cosmology and more to help transcend and rejuvenate our lives.

Arriving at the correct remedies by using our homeopathic repertory,  Ancient Chinese and Naturopathic cues
This workshop will focus on how to begin a conversation with your client toward the beginning of a better understanding of what ails them. We will use a standard homeopathic repertory to obtain not only homeopathic but herbal advice. We will then explore tongue and facial diagnosis from a Chinese medical perspective while also using some naturopathic standard evaluations some being nail, hair, iris and other common tools to help explore the health challenges of who ever is presented in front of you. Cases from my clinic, Vitalist Healing Traditions, will be shared to help facilitate the learning process.

Cat Buxton 2018.jpg

Cat Buxton

Cat Buxton is a busy cross-pollinator from Sharon, VT, focused on ecosystem resilience. Her business, Grow More, Waste Less, is empowering and connecting communities to affect positive change from the ground up. A self-described microbe geek, Cat loves to talk about bugs, soil, gardening, and composting, pretty much wherever she goes. She manages the edible schoolyard at Thetford Elementary School, weaving it into K-6 project based learning, and is a technical guide for school compost systems. She leads Land Listener workshops with the Soil Carbon Coalition, and organizes the Upper Valley Apple Corps and a host of other projects including the Vermont Healthy Soils Coalition. She consults, teaches, and presents about soil and ecosystem health to individuals of all ages and groups of all sizes. www.growmorewasteless.com


Applying Soil Health Principles Everywhere
What would happen if we shifted the paradigm of how people interface with the land? Can we as land managers help to slow water down, deepen watersheds, increase biological soil health and create conditions for thriving ecosystems? When we listen carefully to nature, we are shown what is possible. This presentation will leave you inspired to get involved in your own backyard, schoolyard, and public lands to deepen the roots of security and community resilience for future generations. Engaging powerpoint with Q&A. (Beginner)

This Rots! Demystifying Compost
Reduce your trash size and smell, feed the soil and save money by composting. Learn to integrate a compost system in to your home kitchen and garden without a lot of fuss. Learn about the spectrum of possible and practical compost pile ingredients and compost bins, the role of compost in soil management, and the conflicting lists of compost do’s and don’ts. This class will cover the different management styles and recipes needed for backyard and community gardens. Cat’s enthusiastic and simple approach to composting will surely activate your interest and demystify the process. (Beginner)

Herb Walk: Attracting Beneficial Insects: Promoting Diversity Above and Below the Ground
We’ll talk about weeds and bugs, both beneficials and pests. Learn the difference, how to identify them, and about systems you can put in place to foster an environment to support a balanced diversity of their populations in your yard and garden without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Topics include: common garden pests and organic controls, beneficial insects and companion plants, design elements for insects, responsible integrated pest management. (Intermediate)

Claudia Ford.JPG

Claudia J. Ford, PhD

Dr. Claudia J. Ford has had a career in global women’s health and international development spanning four decades and all continents. Claudia is a midwife and ethnobotanist, who studies traditional ecological knowledge, women’s health, spiritual agriculture, and social justice. Claudia’s work is centered around the contemporary emergence of the Sacred Feminine and the efforts we need to take to use Her guidance and wisdom to bring balance into our world. Dr. Ford is on faculty at Rhode Island School of Design where she teaches Women’s Studies, Indigenous Knowledge, Environmental Literature, and Environmental Justice. Claudia is a visual artist and writer, and she serves on the boards of directors of the Soul Fire Farm Institute - committed to ending racism and injustice in the food system; the Biodynamic Association - awakening and enlivening co-creative relationships between humans and the earth, transforming the practice and culture of agriculture to renew the vitality of the earth, the integrity of our food, and the health and wholeness of our communities; and the Orion Society, a community that publishes Orion literary magazine - exploring the connection between nature and culture, and inspiring new thinking about how humanity might live on Earth justly, sustainably, and joyously. Claudia is a single mother who has shared the delights and adventures of her global travel with her four always inspiring children.


Decolonizing Pedagogy: Training of Trainers for Herbalists
Do you teach herbal medicine to others? Do you want to know more about the differences between teaching, lecturing, facilitating, and training? This is a workshop about pedagogy - how adults learn and how to assist or facilitate that process. We will cover adult education and training, the history of decolonized methods of education, training games, classroom management, contemplative classroom practices, and more.


Dana Woodruff

Dana L Woodruff is an auntie, community herbalist, union member, menstrual health educator, and core member of Central Vermont Showing Up for Racial Justice. Dana has coordinated the Remedios Sin Fronteras/Remedies Without Borders project for 11 years, making herbal remedies for humanitarian aid organizations in the Sonoran desert. Dana’s ancestors are from Ireland, Scotland, and England and she was raised in Maine (Abenaki land), where she started gardening with Calendula and making medicine with Dandelion and Nettles 23 years ago. Dana can be found bringing footbath tubs to organizing meetings and sharing homemade elixirs at protests as a street medic, and is particularly drawn to gently healing and fiercely protective herbs such as Rose and Yarrow. For writings, plant photos, and more info about projects, please see Dandelioness Herbals on Facebook, Etsy, Instagram, and Blogspot.  dandelionessherbals.blogspot.com


Reciprocity and Reparations: Ways to Give Back as Herbalists
For those of us who support community healing and know that dismantling racism is at the very foundation of this, there are many ways that we as herbalists can show up for and support each other. Whether sending first aid supplies to those stopping pipelines, remedies for tear gas exposure and grief to community members affirming that Black Lives Matters, teas and glycerites to free and sliding-scale clinics, salves to the US/Mexican border, or fundraising for people of color-led projects, there are many details we can be attentive to so that our herbal support is truly rooted in solidarity. We’ll explore not only the practical details of coordinating herbal donations, but how we can do so in a way that interrupts the all-too-common ‘white savior’ complex and ego tripping. Deeply exploring our intentions and impacts strengthens our relationships with ourselves, each other, and the plants, so that we can make and share good medicine and be part of cultivating collective healing. (Intermediate)

Intensive: Intersections Between Herbalism, Health, and Justice: Moving from “Allyship” to “Accompliceship”  Ayo Ngozi, Stephanie Morningstar, and Dana L Woodruff (sliding scale)
Healing is the act of facilitating Creation to transform and bring back into balance that which has become dis/eased. It is our responsibility as medicine helpers, herbalists, and facilitators of Creation to provide healing spaces and experiences that are safe, equitable, and congruent with our clients’ unique stories and experiences. To create inclusive, equitable, and safe healing spaces for all people we must search for and examine the root cause of disease. In this case, we will explore social determinants of health and the movement to “decolonize” healing through creating safe space, which begins in the hearts, hands, minds, and spirits of each individual practitioner.

Join us as we hold up the mirror to examine the foundations of an epidemic made invisible- the crystalline structure of colonization and its effects on our health and well being. We will bear witness to how systemic and institutional racism and heteropatriarchy affects and degrades our relationship with Creation. We’ll work together and in small groups to understand how to actively decolonize our minds, hearts, herbal practices, and relationships to the land. This workshop will shed light on the colonized roots of western herbalism and ethnobotany; the history and impacts of colonization as a root cause for disease; and how we can collectively and individually work to actively dismantle systems of oppression to build a stronger, more resilient foundation as a practitioner and human being.

This workshop is meant for all those who want to hone their skills and become the most effective practitioner possible; who consider (or would like to consider) themselves “Allies” who are ready to unlearn the dominant ideology that supports systemic oppression often upheld in western herbal healing spaces; who are ready to reclaim their ancestral legacies as healers in right relationship with each other and the land; and who experience systemic oppression and want to know more about how to effectively heal from the legacy of historical trauma and inequitable social determinants of health.

This is a 4-hour intensive course that will prepare you for deeper dives into health justice work. It’s an opening meant to catalyze you into deeper learning. The course is being co-taught by Dana Woodruff, Ayo Ngozi, and Stephanie Morningstar. We will focus on the experiences of Black, Indigenous, and PoC herbalists, clinicians, and patients, and will also learn about the experiences of Allies and Accomplices who have stood at the forefront of this work with us.

Dawn Combs

Dawn Combs

Dawn Combs is the author of Sweet Remedies. She is the co-owner of the herbal health farm Mockingbird Meadows and the master formulator for a variety of the farm’s herb- and honey-based products. Trained in ethnobotany, she travels across the country to speak about botanical wellness and home health proficiency. She writes a column, Roots Rx, for Heirloom Gardener magazine and is a regular contributor to Mother Earth Living, Mother Earth News, and Hobby Farms. She has written two previous books about herbal healing. Combs lives with her family in central Ohio. www.mockingbirdmeadows.com

Honey as a Medicine Making Medium
In this workshop we’ll discuss the various ways to use honey as a medium for preparing, infusing and dosing herbs. Understanding the capacity of honey to pull different phytochemicals dictates whether we choose an infusion, electuary, oxymel or other formulation to make the best medicine. Emphasis will be placed on properly raised, prepared and processed honey and how using it as a medium can impact preservation of our plant life as our world increasingly turns to consumption of this valuable resource.

The Electuary Around the World
Re-discover this age old method of using honey as a medium for delivering herbal healing by- how else!- making some and eating them together. In almost every culture there is an awareness of honey, not as a sweetener, but as a medicine. Further, those cultural histories recognized that when honey was blended with an herb it was something entirely different than what could be had from using the honey or the herb alone. Together we’ll make a selection of the recipes that were shared with me for my current book and we’ll discuss the modern scientific study that is proving why these old ways deserve far more serious consideration.

Donna Winston.jpg

Donna Bryant Winston

Donna Bryant Winston MSN, RN is a community herbalist & Director of Clinical operations for three Federally Qualified Health Centers in the Lehigh Valley of PA. She combines her nursing knowledge and herbal background to oversee patient care and improve the health outcomes of our most vulnerable populations. These clinics are the first in the area to be recognized as a Center of Excellence site, offering medically assisted treatment and natural therapies for opioid withdrawal. Donna also serves as adjunct Professor at Moravian College, where she teaches integrative therapies to nursing students. She is a passionate, dedicated, and inspiring educator who teaches and empowers individuals of all ages to incorporate natural health practices into their lives.


The Importance of Sleep
Sleep problems affect virtually every aspect of day-to-day living, from mood and energy level to mental alertness and work performance. In this class, we will describe the complex nature of sleep, the factors that can disturb sleep, and most importantly, what one can do to get the sleep they need for optimal health using herbs and natural therapies. (Intermediate)

How to Manage Stress and General Anxiety Disorders Naturally
It's normal to worry and feel tense or scared when under pressure or facing a stressful situation. But when anxiety is constant and overwhelming, or interferes with relationships and activities, then it must be addressed. In this class we will examine the signs and symptoms of several anxiety disorders and explore self help, herbal, and complementary treatment options. (Intermediate)

Intensive: Sharing the Secrets of Soap Making
Experience the art of making all natural vegetable based soaps in this delightfully fun, hands-on workshop. We will discuss the history of soap and practice every step of the soap making process, sharing tips and techniques along the way. You will learn how to incorporate herbs, essential oils, and natural ingredients into your luxurious handmade soaps. In this class we will make a pure olive and coconut oil soap. Handouts, recipes, and samples are included.

Eleanor K 20171115-IMG_0268.jpg

Eleanor Kuntz

Geneticist, Environmentalist, Entrepreneur, Cannabis Advocate

Eleanor Kuntz, PhD, is a trained herbalist and entrepreneur who is bridging the gap between traditional herbalism and modern science. Eleanor works with plant genetics to design and implement Best Agricultural Practices for improving medicinal qualities and implementing responsible raw ingredient choices to mitigate supply chain risk for natural product companies. As a U.S. Forest Service volunteer, Kuntz researches plant population demographics and dispersal dynamics to develop guidelines for sustainable wild collection and permitting regulations in southeastern native plant populations.

Devoted to honoring the benefits of plant-based medicine, enhancing our connection to the wild world around us, and deepening our understanding of the relationship between plant, ecosystem and planet, Eleanor recently merged her two plant passions by cofounding LeafWorks Inc., a botanical verification company using genetics to improve medicinal quality, sustainability and transparency in the supply chain for the best possible plant experience. She is also co-founder of Canndor, the Peoples’ Herbarium, the first herbarium committed to documenting and preserving cannabis cultivars and varietals along with the collective knowledge gained through community engagement.

Eleanor has a B.A. degree in Biology with a focus in Botany from Smith College and a PhD in Genetics from the University of Georgia. Her academic work focused on population diversity and gene flow, along with the evolutionary history and current genetic exchange between wild and cultivated plants. She graduated from the Sage Mountain School of Herbal Studies, where she studied under the mentorship of Rosemary Gladstar.


Canndor Herbarium: Why & How of Herbarium Establishment
Historic and modern uses of herbarium resources and how the Herbal community can benefit from the establishment of such a resource. On the medical side, this allows for a deeper understanding of medicinal use and allows medical practitioners to deepen their understanding of how variation in plant material (and its underlying chemistry) affect positive or negative prognosis. On the botanical/farming side, the herbarium aids in appellations establishment and the development of best agricultural practices for the industry. And perhaps most fundamentally, the herbarium is one way to help contribute to the conservation and cataloging of the immense amount of diversity seen across this group of plants. (Beginner)

Current State of Cannabis Genetics
How much do we know relative to other crops and medicinal plants? This talk strives to outline why we should care about the current state of genetics, and what is going on in the genetics community. A summary of what we know so far and what is on the horizon. Looking at the big picture with highlights of specific research. (Intermediate)

Intensive: Making Herbarium Pressings
A hands on demonstration and activity class making pressed plants. (Beginner)

Hailey Cohn

Hailey Cohn is an herbal chocolatier, caterer, and owner of Satori Foods LLC. Satori Foods (formerly Soul Food and Confections) creates deliciously nourishing meals and confections, and specializes in whole foods catering and Herb Infused Chocolates.


Making Herb-Infused Medicinal Chocolate
In this class we will focus on the why and how of making herbal infused chocolates. We will explore a few different vegan herbal infusions, including cbd. We will make chocolate truffles and a bark in class and each student will walk away full of chocolate, knowledge, recipes, and a few truffles. I am very excited to share a sweet afternoon with you!

Isa, by Mae.jpg

Isa Coffey

Radical queer sexuality educator and herbalist, founder of WiseBodies/Real Sex Education, Isa is devoted to opening heart and soul to deep and on-going exploration and understanding of the sexual body as part of the natural world, to learning slowly, and to insisting we - all of us - have a place to grow and learn together. Let’s heal the world through becoming ourselves whole. wisebodies.org


Taking Off The Drapes. Our Culture has Developed a Gynecologic Practice Born from Racism, Enslavement, and Misogyny. Herbalists, Let’s Change This.
Imagine walking into a practitioner’s room and claiming our right to be charge of our sexual bodies. Imagine describing our sexual body to our practitioner, holding our mirror and inserting our speculum, looking at our body first, then inviting our practitioner to join in the holy experience of looking at and talking about our sexual bodies.
Let’s reclaim power and agency in our practitioners’ offices.
And, if we’re the practitioners, let’s learn how to let go the role of power, and Give It Back.

How to Find Our Essential Sexual Parts and Be With Them, with Breath and Fingertips
Herbalists who treat the sexual system but have never seen the sexual system, come! It’s time to gain this essential knowledge. We’ll look at at least one astonishingly beautiful vulva, vagina, cervix, and os.

Open to all beings who have sexual parts, including trans, non-binary, and cis parts, including those who have been cut and sewn, torn, harmed, and healed. Bring your whole entire selves to this deep learning.

Slowing It Down. Learning Our Sexual Selves, Over Time, as is Meant
Herbalists, let’s talk about, breathe into, and sense into, our sexual bodies. We’ll have a much deeper understanding of how the clitoris and the penis have emerged from oneness; how the pelvis holds and nourishes our sexual selves; how our sexual parts, in all their astonishing variety, have messages we need to hear. Bring your queer/butch/fem/non-gender/trans/cis/BIPOC/white bodies to the circle; we need all voices present.

Circle within the Class: Teen Sexual Bodies and Beings (Teens Only)
Teens who are trans, cis, and non-binary; queer and straight; all colors and cultures; all body shapes and sizes, join me to create safe space for talking about sex, discover how similar the clitoris and penis are from modeling them with play-doh, talk about masturbation (The best source for self-knowing.), and make a skit for the Talent Show. I’ll bring almonds and chocolate, you bring you and a friend.

Jan Sandman 160423_Barrie Fisher_EDIT-749.jpg

Jan Sandman  

Jan Sandman is a body, mind, heart and spirit educator and guide. She is an Authentic Movement teacher, a certified Trager™ Practitioner, sound healer, and Family Constellations facilitator. For more than 30 years, she has maintained a private practice, guiding people individually to become more connected physically, emotionally and spiritually with their deepest selves. She works extensively with groups as a facilitator of Authentic Movement, both nationally and internationally, and leads workshops in Family Constellations and Ceremonial Sound Healing. She is the author of the book White Stones, Bones and Mist: Authentic Movement and Living Prayer . An artist, writer, healer and educator, for Jan, the core of her life is a connection to spirit that is grounded in the beauty of everyday life. You can reach her at jansandman@comcast.net or through her website www.jansandman.com


Authentic Movement: Moving with the Spirit and Wisdom of the Plants
Through Authentic Movement, we will invite the Spirit of the Plants to enter, move with us and inform us directly through the body. After choosing a plant or being chosen by one, each person will enter into the sacred form of Authentic Movement, where the body wisdom is the guide and leader to open up beyond language and conscious thought to the direct transmission of the plant offering wisdom, teaching and more through the movement. In this way of knowing the thought process is bypassed and very direct intuitive insight is possible. Completely experiential.

Nature Constellations: Movement Prayer for the Earth
Constellation work is a practice of tuning into the “knowing field”, the energetic soul of a person, family, system, aspect of nature or event. It is powerful group work where we are all involved in opening to, moving energy and revealing pathways to deep healing, clarification, acceptance and sometimes love. In this workshop we will explore this form in relationship to Nature. Depending on the group energy and how it will point us in relationship to Nature, we will work energetically through constellations , accessing energy and information to ultimately form a Movement Prayer for the Earth. Completely experiential.

Sacred Sound Ceremony
In this class, we will use the sacred sound of the Gong to deeply open to the the qualities of the heart and what the heart most deeply longs for. The gong is an ancient instrument of deep resonance that activates the body, mind , heart and spirit through the vibratory field. Its sound ranges from peaceful, light and angelic to deeply cathartic profound vibrations that can move the whole body. We will begin by connecting with what is in our hearts through meditation and movement and then bring the intention and energy deeply forward in awareness to be activated, moved, cleansed, transformed through the Sacred Sound of the Gong. This workshop will be active in the beginning followed by deeply receptive as the Gong plays.

Jennifer Johnson  

Jennifer is a lover of plants, a fiber artist, and a gardener. She has spent over ten years learning about plants from seed to dye pot and creates beautiful and unique plant dyed wearable fiber art. She has discovered the path of natural plant dyeing as a wonderful way to wear your plant medicine and connect with the healing spirit of plants. Together with her husband and daughter they live on their Vermont homestead farm where she loves to spend time in her outdoor dye studio.


Wear Your Plant Medicine – Intro to Using Plants for Natural Dye
In this class you will learn all about using plants for natural dye through discussion and plant dye demonstrations. We will discuss key plants for creating a rainbow of color. Topics will including cultivation, harvesting, and processing plants for use in the dye pot. We will talk about what it means to wear your plant medicine, how to connect with healing plants through wearing plant infused fibers, and there will time for you to explore this connection for yourself.

Jenn Allen Field smile.JPG

Jenn J Allen  

Jenn J Allen is an Herbalist, Botanical Perfumer, Sacred Beekeeper, and Licensed Psychotherapist. She is best known for her accessible and down to earth teaching style that weaves sacred story with plant medicine. Jenn is best known in the herbal community through her work with botanical scent including both incense and perfume. She weaves personal myth, folklore and ritual into her scent storytelling and feels that fragrance calls to a deep place within the human psyche that no other medium can touch. Jenn has been a teacher at national herbal conferences including the New England Women's Herbal Conference, the MidAtlantic Women's Herbal Conference, and Where Women Gather. She apprenticed with Rosemary Gladstar and currently studies with botanical perfumers Mandy Aftel and Jessica Ring. . At home, she stewards sanctuary space for her beloved honeybees and endangered woodland plants where she can explore ancient methods of scent extraction, like distillation using traditional copper alembics.

She is currently at work on a book about botanical perfume. www.mythiquearomatics.com


Sacred Scent - Creating Perfume Elixirs with Botanicals
Scent has been used from the beginning of time to evoke emotion, seduce, sanctify and cleanse. Learn how herbs and other botanicals can be used to create unique and living scent to be used on your body. In addition to discussing how to use purchased essential oils, absolutes and resins we will also discuss how to ethically wildcraft and make our own scented oils and tinctures for use in creams and perfumes from our own local flora. Each participant will be able to take home a personal scent in a perfume bottle. (Beginner.)

The Flying Herbalist – The Magic & Mythology of the Honeybee & the Elixirs of the Hive
Ancient cultures have revered the honeybee as a goddess and a healer, she is truly a magical wildcrafter. Learn the cross cultural myths of the honeybee and the ancient order of the Melissa or Bee Priestesses of ancient and modern times. We will examine the symbiotic relationship between sacred beekeeping and sacred plant medicine. Additionally, we will explore the role of the honeybee in the life of the traditional herbalist and how the gifts of the hive can be combined with powerful plant medicine to create synergistic and deeply healing medicinal preparations. Then we will smell, taste and feel the sweet gifts of the hive in unique and magical preparations. (Beginner/Intermediate)

Propolis – Medicine of the Ancients
Propolis, an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory compound made from the synergy of tree resins and honeybee enzymes, is a useful and complementary ingredient in healing herbal salves, tinctures and washes. Learn the sacred and ritual uses of propolis as well as how to source and work with this powerful fusion of tree and honeybee medicine. (Intermediate)

Jessica Rubin tulsithyme.jpg

Jess Rubin

Jess Rubin, Yepeth Perla, has been learning from plants since girlhood, tending her mother’s gardens. As a Hebrew priestess, Kohenet, currently living amidst N'dakinna, the unceded territory of the Abenaki, where slavery of African American people was practiced, she feels intergenerational and interdimensional healing needs to occur and therefore aims to co-create nourishing habitat for all beings. In service to her ancestors she facilitates Roots and Trail (www.rootsandtrails.com) which offers Jewish eco education and ceremonial programs grounded in the Divine Feminine. As a naturalist, earth tender, educator, mentor, permaculture practitioner, folk herbalist, and remediation researcher, she is dedicated to ethically rewilding suburban and urban landscapes, rehabilitating degraded landscapes, establishing and protecting endangered and threatened sanctuaries, and researching regenerative agricultural techniques using fungi and polyculture infrastructure in watershed restoration. She founded and nurtures MycoEvolve, an ecological resilience service providing earthworks, research and education; its Mycolab fosters ecological literacy & earth repair. www.mycoevolve.net


Planting green infrastructure as living libraries of resilience.
Explore United Plant Savers; how to cocreate an endangered plant sanctuary as a model for resilience, and what living curriculum it offers for students of all ages. Let’s also revisit the term ‘invasive’ to understand the ecological role and message emerging plants offer now. As we partner with other elemental beings in these planting projects we acknowledge the layers of his/herstorical oppression present and how to transform these liminal spaces into portals for liberation and interspecies collaboration. Fungi join us as supportive allies to nutrient cycling networks. (Intermediate)

Strategies for rewilding ourselves and urban/suburban landscapes with plants
Ever look around and wonder why there is not more food and medicine growing in our communities? Share and learn techniques for rewilding neighborhoods, schools, backyards, and business landscapes with simple, low impact nature technologies. Simultaneously undomesticate ourselves through plant multi-medium, microdoses throughout our days to stay attuned and in communication with plant wisdom. We will approach Camp Wicosuta as a living laboratory. (Intermediate)

Intensive: Fungi as ancient allies of the plants
Investigate the ancient roots of our fungal ancestors and how they created habitat for plants. How can particular fungal networks guide us in how to nurture our gardens? 90% of the world’s plants grow with mycorrhizae help. Where are these networks on the land and what ecosystemic patterns can we identify to better partner with plants? Both wood decomposing (saprophytic) fungi and nutrient channeling (mycorrhizal) fungi play critical roles in the soil food web. What are simple ways we can enhance these bridges between microbial and fungal communities, to catalyze organic matter transformation into life?

Ceremony: earth based, Divine Feminine centered Jewish rituals (Friday eve, Sat am, Sat eve.)  
Friday night candle lighting ritual;  meditation, prayer & song space saturday morning; havdallah ritual Saturday eve.

Joann Darling preferred.jpg

Joann Darling

Joann Darling-- A native Vermonter, practicing and teaching skills in traditional arts. She enjoys working with children and is a Gardens for Learning program coordinator and food justice educator through the non-profit Good Food Good Medicine Barre, VT. Joann is adjunct faculty at the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism, and their production garden manager. She is certified through the National Association of Interpreters, teaches Natural Dye workshops for the Marshfield School of Weaving, and the ROOTS survival school in Corinth VT. Her work with flax fiber received grant funding and recognition from the Vermont Folklife Center.

She has taught at the International Herb Symposium, New England Women's Herbal Conference, The Vermont Sheep and Wool Expo and in the community on subjects ranging from seed and plant starting and pollinators, to natural dyes for textiles, natural hair care and soap making.


Patterns in Nature - designs with purpose
A plant walk that brings us closer to the patterns we see in a flower, bark of a tree and frond of a fern. It's sheer beauty with a plan? By design, “Mother Nature” shows us her practical side through form and function. Seeds that can fly or grab their host! Leaves that direct/collect water and light! This fun and explorative walk will change the way you look at the natural world. Bring paper and pencil to draw with.

Hemp and Nettle, fibers from the Goddess
Hemp (Cannabis sativa spp.) and Nettles (Urtica dioica) have a long history in the textile trade worldwide. They contain cellulose fibers (Bast) that run the length of the stem. Bast fibers can be twisted, spun and processed into cloth. This workshop will be hands-on and an opportunity for participants to explore and work with these plants. Learn all the processes needed for creating threads and what it takes to dye them naturally. (Beginner.)

Exploring your “Scentuality”
Incense making is a meditative and enjoyable way to exercise our creativity. It's simple, inexpensive and awakens us to the pleasures of earth's aromatic treasures and our interconnection with nature. Create recipes that greet the rising sun with a clean and invigorating aroma, entertain guests with exotic fragrances, purify indoor spaces, enhance dream activity, or blend a warm, sweet and seductive mixture to stimulate your sensuality for an evening of mystery and intimacy.

Jody Dougherty

Jody is a ritual practitioner, yoga teacher, and energy facilitator offering possibilities of self discovery on the spiritual and earthly planes. She is the owner of Traditional Healings in PA where she is also an avid Tango dancer.


Ritual Yoga
A practice of internal listening ,creating harmony and centeredness while invoking love and light into the body and its energetic fields. A restorative yin yoga practice. Through the energetic practice of plant limpia, essential oils and touch used in conjunction with the poses, blocked energies are identified, opened and released. Support is not only physical but spiritual. We leave balanced, grounded in the earth, grounded in our breath and open to Spirit.


Dr. Jody Noe

Dr. Jody E. Noé obtained her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington. Previous to this, she was awarded her Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science degrees from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. Dr. Noé serves as adjunct faculty to the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine, Quinnipiac University, Connecticut College of Naturopathic Physicians, Bastyr University, the New England Women’s Herbal Conference, Southeastern Women’s Herbal Conference, Northwest Institute of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NIAOM) and several community colleges and private organizations, seminar and lecture series.

Dr. Noé is a founding member of the Botanical Medicine Academy and the Naturopathic Oncology Association, and is president emeritus for both the Oklahoma and Vermont Associations of Naturopathic Physicians. Dr. Noé’s specialty training in traditional herbal medicine, psychology and spirituality has made her a leader in the field of integrative medicine. Her background as a clinical research scientist and ethnobotanist has added a dimension of scientific knowledge to her traditional training that has made her a leading educator in her field. www.drjodyenoe.com


Medical Marijuana Clinical Applications
Cannabis has been found to help with a plethora of disease states and symptoms related to poor health & outcomes. This 3 hour class will help the learners to understand the biochemistry of cannabinoids and the human endocannabanoid system. Also discussed will be the different species of the genus cannabis as well as the specific indications.  The learner will be introduced to edible vs the combusted medicines & the difference half -life of these applications. As well as the specific indications of how this plant medicine can be applied to different health strategies. (3 Hour Class - open to everyone)

Josefine Parker.jpg

Josefine Parker

A transition doula and trans woman, Josefine tends fringes of Western medicine to liberate wild realms of the trans sacred. She's an organizer in T4T Caregiving, a group of trans doulas caregiving for trans people during surgery (https://t4tcaregiving.org). A white, Slavic-American from Baltimore, she spends her time writing and cooking in Middle Tennessee in a queer, rural neighborhood, traditional shared hunting territory of Southeastern nations and tribes including the Mvskoke, Uchi, and Tsalagi. Josefine publishes an excerpt of her growing manuscript, Wild Transition: On Trans Magic and Herbal Transition, Hormones Beyond Pharmaceuticals. She studied women's sacred mysteries with ShuNahSii Rose of In Sacred Balance and learns about herbs from Spice Rack (Irma Preikschat). In her practice, Josefine uses a mixture of the wise woman way, Ayurvedic principles, wild fermentation techniques, and natural transition resources. (https://wildtransition.com)


Herbal Transition to Nourish Trans Women
Co-led by Spice Rack
Learn to nourish trans women and our transitions through the use of vitex agnus-castus (chasteberry) and the root pueraria mirifica (kwao krua kao). This course is being co-taught by Josefine Parker and Spice Rack (Irma Preikschat). We'll discuss pueraria mirifica sourcing, because she's endangered in Thailand due to poaching, over-harvesting, and colonization. We'll also discuss how transition is a universal rite all experience, trans people intensively and cis people over the course of the life cycle. (Intermediate)

*Community herbalist, intuitive healer, yoga instructor, Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant, and Reiki master, Spice Rack identifies as a gender non-binary queer person (them/they pronouns). Their practice addresses everyday ailments, psycho/spiritual need fulfillment, harm reduction, and identifying and healing ancestral patterns. They live in Tennessee in a rural queer neighborhood within the traditionally shared hunting territory of Southeastern nations and tribes including the Mvskoke, Uchi, and Tsalagi. They work in bridgework medicine with radical rural queer practitioners & community members and MAGA hat wearing southern christian male veterans & their caregiver wives. Raised by German-Lithuanian, Polish, Romani family, Spice comes from a lineage of community healing women. Their family practiced community herbalism in Nazi Germany and Polish/Slavic working-class Chicago. Spice grew up in a church that ate whole foods, renounced doctors, and practiced hands-on healing and foot washing. They've since spent a life healing from spiritual & ancestral trauma, studied visual anthropology, worked in social work for several LGBTQ organizations, and used ragtag queer theatre as a healing modality. Spice Rack apprenticed with Cathy Hope of Iris Herbal outside of Taos, NM and has studied with Rosemary Gladstar’s Sage Mountain Herb School and with David Frawley of the American Institute of Vedic Studies. Their Reiki masters are Nikira Toshiko Hernandez Evans and Dami Boo. They studied Ashtanga Vinyasa with Dhyana and John Vitarelli of Dhyana Yoga Philadelphia. They have a host of other teachers from workshops, herbal conferences, ceremonial and ritual work, and non-formalized education spaces. Spice Rack works for Mountain Path Healing Arts Studio in rural Tennessee. (https://mountainpath.co/)

Herbal Transition in Trans Communities (queer/trans/non-binary only)
Co-led by Spice Rack
Why is there so little available about herbal transition in queer and trans communities? Let's build power and share the resources we know. This workshop is being co-led by Josefine Parker and Spice Rack (Irma Preikschat). We'll discuss Josefine's use of vitex agnus-castus and pueraria mirifica in her transition and whom we know working with them. In this workshop, we'll discuss in a group what other herbs and techniques are helpful in transition and what challenges exist for the validity of herbal and natural transition to be recognized.

Jude Christian

Jude is an integrative NP with 15 years experience working with medicine and herbs. She began her journey with labyrinths 10years ago and has built many permanent and temporary labyrinths since, teaching children and adults alike how to build and creat labyrinths and how to use this amazing tool for mindfulness meditative walking.


The Labyrinth. Exploring labyrinths for ourselves and our community
Come help create the Women’s Herbal Conference labyrinth. Learn how to draw, build and bring into being this most magical of tools, which will hold sacred space for all the women of the conference. Come weave prayers and intentions into the walls using herbs, flowers, stones, flower essences and anything else you feel will bring about the wonderful shift in energy we feel while at the conference. Supplies and tools will be available but feel free to bring any of the above to add to the labyrinth

Share your experiences with the Labyrinth
Are you interested in learning more about how to bring labyrinths into your life? do you already have a labyrinth but are looking to be inspired to use it in a different way? Come join a Jude for an informal discussion about labyrinths and all their uses

Juliette Abigail Carr

Juliette Abigail Carr, RH (AHG), RNC, is a clinical herbalist and the proprietor of Old Ways Herbal School of Plant Medicine (Newfane, Vermont), which offers hands-on learning in our forest classroom. She is a national speaker on herbalism and gardening, and her writing has been widely published. Clinical appointments specializing in the health of women and children are available over the phone and locally. Read more and contact her at www.oldwaysherbal.com.


Herb Walk: Wild Weeds for Food & Medicine
Let's find out what edible and medicinal weeds grow underfoot and in the hedgerows!

Herb Walk: First Aid Plant Wal
Meet the first aid kit that grows wild all around us!

Dr. Jus Crea Giammarino Just Woods web.jpg

Dr. Jus Crea Giammarino

Raised with her Penobscot culture and Native American spiritual practices, Dr. Jus Crea realized the healing powers of nature at a young age. Rich with ancestral knowledge of healing, plant medicine, and midwifery, Dr. Jus Crea received a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from the University of Bridgeport and a BS in Ethnobotany and Holistic Health from UMass, Amherst. She is also trained as an auricular acupuncture detox specialist from Lincoln Hospital, Indigenous Midwifery with Mewinzha Ondaadiziike Wiigaming and is a Certified Indigenous Breastfeeding Counselor.

Dr. Jus Crea has lectured extensively on healing, ethnobotany, midwifery, naturopathic medicine, environmental medicine, and her cultural history and traditions. She was previously an adjunct professor of Nutrition at Springfield College and Pathology at STCC as well as a primary care physician in Brattleboro VT. Dr. Jus Crea has been practicing Naturopathic Family Medicine at The Integrative Health Group in Springfield MA since 2005. She is passionate about cultural healing practices and works towards reclamation of her Wabanaki traditions, spiritual practices, and language. www.nativerootmedicine.com


Traditional Wabanaki Plant Medicine
As a Penobscot woman, Naturopathic physician, and ethnobotanist, we will examine many of our traditional uses of plant medicines from the Northeast that have provided our ancestors with healing for thousands of years. Wabanaki people have a rich cultural history of connection to this land. Our original stories and teachings remind us of why we use plants as medicines and the importance of continuing these traditions. We will explore the implications of colonization on our traditional healthcare systems and the importance of decolonizing our medicine.

Traditional Plant Medicine for Prenatal, Labor, and Postpartum Care
This talk will blend naturopathic medical herbalism and obstetrics with traditional Wabanaki plant medicine and ancient midwifery practices. Participants will be able to formulate and dispense herbal medicine as prevention and treatment of common conditions in prenatal, labor, and postpartum care. Some conditions that will be covered include nausea, fatigue, heartburn, delayed delivery, breastfeeding support, mood disorders, and perineal care.

Healing the Gut
Healing the gut is fundamental in addressing the root cause of many chronic diseases. Conditions such as IBS, crohns, colitis, autoimmune diseases, infertility, mental disorders, and inflammatory conditions are among some of the disorders stemming from the gut. We will examine herbal medicines and protocols to heal the gut from hidden food sensitivities, leaky gut syndrome, dysbiosis, and improving overall digestion for optimal wellness.

Karen Rose DSC_2522.jpg

Karen M. Rose

Trained in Eastern and Western Herbal Medicine, Master Herbalist, Karen Rose created an outlet for her teachings and healing modalities with the opening of Brooklyn-based Sacred Vibes Healing and Sacred Vibes Apothecary in 2009. Her inspiration for this work began as a child in her native home of Guyana, where she was exposed to how African, Caribbean and Latin American traditions profoundly influenced plant medicine and community healing. The legacy of these lands is the foundation of Karen’s spiritual and healing practice. She has developed authentic and enlightening materials as well as an extensive line of herbal products, all of which are available through the apothecary, apprenticeship classes and mentoring programs.

A strong advocate of community partnerships in healing, she believes that all spiritual traditions offer guidance on the path to finding truth. Karen and her work have been featured in a variety of media outlets, including on The FEED, featuring culinary celebrity Marcus Samuelsson, the New York Times, Black Enterprise Magazine, Organic Life, and the New York Daily News. Karen is also a devoted mother of three, who she proudly believes are her best apprentices. sacredvibeshealing.com


Healing Black Women Wholly
Black Women are more than their trauma.  We have been gifted with resilience in our physical and emotional bodies that translates into our existence.  Our unique legacy is often ignored in the existing models of care. For herbalist and practitioners who work to heal black women without thought of these truths is malpractice. In this workshop, we will focus on the effects of generational/ancestral/historical trauma and how its held in the bodies and spirits of black women. We will examine what equity in healing means. We will build our relationships with some of the plants that exist alongside our histories. We will reclaim the resiliency of our ancestors by sharing stories of ancestral healing practices and envision wellness as a community responsibility.

Kate Gilday.jpeg

Kate Gilday

Kate Gilday is a community herbalist, flower essence practitioner and creator, Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant and herbal teacher. She is the founder of Woodland Essence, a forest botanicals and flower essence company that she continues to guide with her husband Don Babineau. For many years they brought people into the wild places as NY State Guides, and ran a teaching center at their home. Kate is well-loved for the clarity and clinical relevance gleaned from decades of experience in her teachings. She is a creative medicine maker, having developed several lines of flower essences, as well as herbal compounds, salves, and cremes. A renowned teacher at conferences, Kate brings her love of the wild places, song and healing to the workshops she presents. She is currently writing a book about the woodlands she loves so well, traveling and enjoying time with her grandchildren. woodlandessence.com


An Invitation from the Trees
As we walk among the trees, using our senses and listening with our hearts, we will learn about and from the hardwoods and evergreens that grace this campus and the Northeast. Trees hold the knowledge and memory of time and place, of how to live and thrive, of how to help one another, of how to adapt to changing climate. They give unconditionally of their physical presence, their fruit and medicine, their essence and spirit-supporting the very air we breathe. TREES ~ awakening, healing, opening our minds, releasing our tears, finding peace, saving our planet! We have much to learn from these standing teachers and bring home to our communities. For ALL levels. Outdoor class.

Lyme and other Tick-borne infections
These pathogens have existed for longer than we can imagine. They have impacted the health and hope of those infected, changed people’s lives and dramatically shaken our relationship with nature. There are many protocols that have been developed that include herbs, essential oils, dietary supplements, energetic treatments and more. Having personally experienced Lyme and Babesia, worked with family members and clients dealing with tick borne infections and watched specific herbal and flower essence protocols bring people back to health and well-being, today I will offer protocols and ideas on how to live with and heal from some of these infections and re-discover the joy and ease in being outdoors. For ALL levels.

Intensive: Flower Essences: Tending Heart, Mind, Body and Spirit
The essence or personality of each species of flower is unique and reveals itself to us over time as we develop and nurture relationships with the plants. These energetics of a plant or flower are often revealed in their color, form, growing environment and gesture. As we learn to read the language of the plants and flowers, we come to also better understand ourselves. We come to know the plants deeply, in our bones and true knowing. In time spent with the plants and flowers, we come to remember how to listen to the wisdom and songs they share. Today you will learn how to prepare a flower essence, how to use flower essences with people, animals and the environment and learn how to choose an essence for yourself or another. Please bring a small notebook and colored pencils along with a blanket for laying upon. (Beginner)

kelly ablard.jpg

Kelly Ablard

Kelly holds a PhD in Biology and is a certified Essential Oil Therapist. Her research interests are in sustainability, conservation, chemical communication, aromatic plant medicine, ethnobotany, and the preservation of endangered Peruvian rosewood (Aniba rosaeodora). She is the Director of the Airmid Institute, which supports aromatherapy training in indigenous communities, projects focused on the conservation and sustainable management of threatened aromatic medicinal oil-bearing plants, and the ethical sourcing of essential oils. Kelly has published research on olfactory systems, chemical communication across species, and clinical uses of plant medicine. She was awarded the British Columbia Alliance of Aromatherapy 2016 Achievement of Excellence Award, and voted one of the top five aromatherapists in Vancouver, BC. Kelly sits on the Board of the United Plant Savers (UpS), and is an independent researcher, instructor and a consultant. www.kellyablard.com


Protecting and Healing Essential Oil-Bearing Plants
In this workshop, we will explore overlapping therapeutic benefits, energetic qualities, fragrance profiles, applications, and chemistry between oils distilled from non-threatened and threatened essential oil-bearing plants. We will also discuss which essential oil-bearing plants are threatened and near-threatened, and how to responsibly source essential oils derived from these plants.

Healing with Peruvian Aromatic Medicinal Plants
This workshop will explore the medicinal uses and therapeutic benefits of Peruvian aromatic plants and extracts which support the healing of the body, mind, and spirit. The important relationship between aromatics and different cleansing practices, will also be discussed. The workshop will close with an individually set intention and an aromatically-enhanced cleansing experience.

Intensive: Essential Oils of Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme
This workshop will explore the traditional uses, symbology, and the essential oils of four backyard herbs - parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme. We will delve into their therapeutic benefits and uses, fragrance profiles, chemotypes, and their energetic qualities. We will also discuss how these essential oils should be used safely on the skin, and via inhalation.

Lara Pacheco.jpg

lara pacheco

lara pacheco is a Taíno, Latinx mamita that believes part of our collective liberation is accessed through decolonizing ourselves and weaving into the web of ancestral medicine. Lara directly works through this realm with plants, fungi, music and dance. When not caring for their family, land and creatures, lara runs seed and thistle apothecary, an educational resource, and co runs the seasonal wellness clinic that works to provide access to herbal medicine for oppressed communities and brown girl rise, a youth empowerment program for young femmes of color. www.seedandthistle.com


Plant Allies Here and There; Achiano + Guanajo and the Element of Fire (BIPOC only)
The beckoning cry of our ancestors has called us into this place of healing. In Boríken (Puerto Rico) our colonizer told us that the Taíno ways had been destroyed. And yet, here they are guiding the work to illuminate consciousness. This class will focus on the the unearthing of the many shackles of colonialism, and explore the journey of reconnecting with indigenous ways of knowing. We will spend our class time on sitting with the season of Summer and drawing from the Caribbean ancestors through plants, elements, food and animal guides. We will also discuss plants cultivated and native of the PNW, and how I've incorporated these into my practice to honor ancestors of this land and to connect to place. (Beginner)

Decolonizing Menstruation for Black and Brown Bodies (BIPOC only)
Lara pacheco will lead a brief overview of the herstory of injustice wrought on black and brown bodies that menstruate and why it is critical to provide and support healing spaces for the generational trauma wrought on our bodies. Lara will then lead and share some powerful plant allies and medicine to call into beginning the practice of healing for this cause. Please bring 1/2 oz dropper bottle.

Intensive: Thyroid, Gut and Oppression
This class will give an overview of the physiology of the thyroid gland and its relationship to the gut and GI Tract. Lara pacheco will also share how most QT and WOC are most impacted by the imbalance of these symptoms and the vast spectrum of symptoms that the dominant medical system disregards or heavily medicates. We’ll discuss a few herbal allies, lifestyle modifications, somatic movement and meditation to work with these types of imbalances. (Intermediate)

Laura Night

Laura Night

Laura Night is a conduit for Spirit. Having actively served the spiritual realm and clients going on 20 years as a mystic, psychic medium, speaker, dreamworker, spiritual guide, doula, and herbalist, she has borne witness to the beauty of authentic soul alchemy in countless lives and communities.

Laura works with individuals and communities, often in a place of crisis/major life challenge, seeking transformation. She walks them through solving the issues they are facing by connecting the “spiritual dots” between their spiritual/mental/physical alignment and their current circumstances.

Laura also serves native North/South American peoples as a medicine worker during sacred ceremonies, is a Red Tent Temple holder, teaches dreamwork, mediumship and spirituality workshop/courses, in addition to delivering messages from loved ones in the US, UK, Europe and South America. She is also passionate about restoring the Earth to a balanced state. Laura speaks/teaches workshops internationally on spirituality and race. She presents at conferences such as The Parliament of World Religions,The England Spiritual Expo and the New England Women’s Herbal Conference.

She has birthed Season of Lotus, as well as Daughters of Boudicca/Souljourner Sisterhood/We are Family, spiritual covens for women as well as workshops and courses that are committed to restoring Mother Earth by transmuting racism and sexism into equality.


Riding The Vines
This is a plant themed dream circle. It is a great way to connect with specific guidance, come into alignment & build powerful energy for the coming days.

Tending Your Garden: How the Weeds of Racism Are Strangling Your Tree of Life
This class addresses the pathology of racism & whiteness from a holistic perspective. Through discussion & exercises, you will identify your personal weeds and create solutions that will pull them up at the root to clear space for healthy ground cover that restores and nourishes your tree of life.

The Comfort in Depression: A Holistic Perspective on Depression
What if depression were more than a chemical imbalance? What if there were more ways of understanding what is being experienced? How may plants and animals be helpful beyond what is currently?  This session approaches depression as a soul(spirit/mind/body) experience, rather than just a medical condition alone. We discuss expanded ways herbs can be beneficial, and share helpful tips. This session in no way denies, discourages or disparages mainstream treatment or medication. 

Intensive: Season of Lotus: Embodying Lotus Energy When Engaging The Topic of Race
The lotus is an incredible gift of wisdom and medicine the Earth, whose power is acknowledged by nearly every culture around the world. The current condition of race relations in our society on a local, national & global scale, is deeply in need of wise women who truly understand the transformative power of plants and are unapologetically committed to humanity.

In this transformative workshop, you will learn about lotus energy, how to holistically embody it, how to use it in real time when engaging the topic of race.Through presentation, discussion, energywork & practice exercises, you will now be able to navigate once challenging engagements on topics of race with a new level of ease.  Please bring water, a separate cup, a scarf/towel, and wear comfortable clothing.  *This intensive is for white women.

lucretia headshot.jpg

Lucretia VanDyke

With a journey that began as a little girl mixing herbs, clays, & muds on her grandparents’ farm, Lucretia VanDyke has been in the industry for over 20 years. A Holistic Educator, Speaker, Herbalist, Sacred Sexologist, Ceremonialist, Spiritual Light Coach, Intuitive Energetic & Reiki Practitioner, Diviner, & world traveler with over 3000 hours of training. She has been a holistic esthetician for over a decade focusing on integrating indigenous healing rituals, plant spirit medicine, and meditation into your modern day practices. Her work with herbs and sacred practices embraces Women's Wholeness Medicine, grief work, sexual trauma, ancestor connection, womb healing, and skin care. www.sesengroup.com


Revolutionary Self Love
Learn rituals of self-healing through honoring the mind, body, and spirit. Explore meditation, energy work, learn about specific herbs and recipes for self-love. in this workshop we will discuss grief, ancestor work, mojo, yoni maintenance (including "yoni yoga"), sexual/womb trauma, and more. You will understand how passion and pleasure play an important role charging yin. "We create ceremony to call on our own sacred power, talk to our ancestors, and rebuild ourselves." Come find the rhythm of your own soul!

Zen Esthetics ...the divine art of beauty and healing rituals from around the world
Let’s travel the globe to find beauty secrets from Asia to the Blue Ridge Mountains. We will learn how to use what is in the kitchen and in nature to craft skin and body care using raw, organic, herbal allies and superfoods that are literally good enough to eat! We will explore recipes, as well as study the link between beauty rituals and self-healing, and look deeper into what our skin is trying to tell us about our bodies. Join me in creating sacred space for making medicines and leave with your very own hand crafted product!

From Okra to Sage - Carrying on a legacy of Women of color and the healing arts.
Throughout history women of color have played important roles in the world of healing arts. From the granny midwife, herbalist, abolitionist, from our food for the soul to the medicine women who healed, join me in speaking their names to understand their journey. We will talk about their work, folk medicine, ceremonies of healing/grief, how can we help continue their legacy, importance of safe spaces for more women of color, and bringing back "the village" working together with our elemental natures to restore balance. We also explore our personal connection to Ancestor work, healing the healers, embracing our sacred purpose, and revolutionary self care.

Lydia Russell.jpg

Lydia Russell

Poet, dancer, mother, story-teller, herbalist, and teacher, Lydia Russell is a graduate of Hampshire College, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Sage Mountain Herb School, and is currently earning her master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Goddard College. She spent a decade steeped in organic farming, food justice, and environmental education, all of which continue to inform her work. She began practicing yoga and Authentic Movement in 1997 and in 2005 began teaching yoga. Today she weaves aspects of yoga, mindfulness, dance-movement therapy, and nature-based psychotherapy into her work with children and adult trauma survivors. In 2006, Lydia was one of the founding members of The RadHerb Collective, a group which sought to illuminate issues of social justice within the larger herbal community, a thread which continues to run strongly through her work in the worlds of yoga and mental health. Nourished by community ritual and celebration, gardening, and walks in the woods, Lydia lives in Vermont and loves to dance with plants. www.saprema-yoga.com


Dancing with the Plants: An Authentic Movement Practice
In this somatic plant spirit journey, we will each connect with a particular plant through a guided meditation, and then have the opportunity to move with the energy of that plant in an Authentic Movement circle. Authentic Movement is a meditative practice of presence and attention in which participants alternate between moving with eyes-closed, and witnessing with eyes-open. Movers listen inwardly to whatever is true for them in the moment, responding to their own inner landscape of thoughts, feelings, and sensations with movement (or sometimes with stillness). In the case of this plant-focused circle, participants will also be attending to, moving with, and perhaps even embodying the energy of a particular plant. Please bring a journal and pen and wear clothes in which you can move freely. (this class is open to everyone; no dance experience necessary)

Plant Spirit Yoga with Birch, Betula spp.
Join yoga teacher and herbalist, Lydia Russell for a cleansing and clearing yoga practice with the Spirit of Birch. Begin your day with the luminous and radiant energy of the Birch tree, lighting the way to new beginnings, fresh starts, and sweet possibilities as you flow through a series of invigorating, enlivening yoga poses. Please bring a yoga mat and a blanket if you have them, as well as any other yoga props you may have. (Intermediate)(moderate level yoga class; some prior yoga experience helpful)

Plant Spirit Yoga with Nettle, Urtica dioica
Join yoga teacher and herbalist Lydia Russell on a meditative journey of movement, myth, and medicine with the revitalizing and activating energy of Nettle. A nourishing yet fierce teacher, Nettle inspires us to take our yoga off the mat and into the world. Together we will invite the spirit of Nettle to move with us through an energizing series of yoga poses, embodying its lesson of "Pay attention and take action!" Please bring a yoga mat and a blanket if you have them, as well as any other yoga props you may have. (Intermediate)(moderate level yoga class; some prior yoga experience helpful)

Manaslu Gurung

Manaslu Gurung is a mindfulness meditation teacher at the Interdependence Project in New York City and an assistant organizer of a community based mindfulness meditation group called Mindful Astoria in Queens, New York.


Mindfulness Meditation
Begin your day with a practice of metta, translated as “lovingkindness” meditation which helps us to cultivate our intention of living wisely and kindly for ourselves, each other, our community, and the world. Each session will include a brief introduction followed by 30 minutes of guided metta meditation.


Mandana Boushee

Mandana Boushee is an Iranian-American herbalist, educator, forager, gardener, and the co-founder of Wild Gather: Hudson Valley School of Herbal Studies. She weaves her Iranian lineage, ancestry, and plant tradition into all facets of her work as an herbalist. She is passionate about facilitating learning around plant medicine, wild food, earth based skills and crafts, and flower essence medicine. As a woman of color, she is dedicated to re-centering the voices, stories, rituals, and histories of the BIPOC community, particularly around health, healing and food. mandanaboushee.com || wildgather.com


The Persian Herbal
In this class we'll explore the ancient and comprehensive art of traditional Iranian medicine. Due to colonial supremacy and rule, most westerners know little of the complex and rich traditions of herbal medicine throughout Iran. Together, we'll unpack the history of plant medicine in Iran, learn about the diverse bioregions and plants of the region, and delve into traditional applications and uses of herbs for food, medicine, and ritual, weaving and celebrating the stories, recipes, and plants of my lived experience.

Organizing for BIPOC liberation within Western Herbalism (BIPOC Only)
Western Herbalism was built on the erasure and appropriation of BIPOC voices and traditions. Despite this, BIPOC herbalists, healers, and careworkers have always found ways to survive, share their medicine and carry forward our healing traditions. As Western Herbal culture begins to shift towards racial equity, BIPOC herbalists will continue to organize for self-determination and autonomy. In this workshop, we will look at ways to navigate this shift, magnify our voices, all while staying true to ourselves and taking care of each other.

Tick Magic
Having been raised in the Hudson Valley, the epicenter for lyme disease and co-infections, I've grappled with both my own chronic lyme illness and those in my community. This workshop is provided from my personal perspective and experience of life in the tick hole. In this class, we'll get into the nitty gritty of prevention, after bite care, and weaving in practices of boundary, awareness, and protection. My hope is that this class brings you ease, support, tender strength and a different lens to view cohabitating with ticks and the illnesses they carry. The tools and practices provided are what worked/work for me and my body. Everyone has their unique experience with tick related illness, and I acknowledge and respect that we come to the table with different processes, histories and stories.

Maria N GGardenCalendula2017.jpeg

Maria Noel Groves

Maria Noël Groves is the bestselling author of Grow Your Own Herbal Remedies and Body into Balance. She is a clinical herbalist and herbal medicine teacher with more than two decades of experience, and a registered professional member of the American Herbalists Guild. Her business is devoted to education on the foundational principle that good health grows in nature. She teaches, sees clients, and writes about herbs locally and virtually. She freelances for numerous publications including Herbal Academy’s Herbarium, Taste for Life, Remedies, Herb Quarterly, and Mother Earth News. Her clinic and classroom, Wintergreen Botanicals, is based in Allenstown, New Hampshire. Learn more at WintergreenBotanicals.com


Herb Walk: Wild Medicinals of the Open Spaces
In this medicinal plant walk, we’ll focus on the wild herbs that grow in open spaces like lawns, disturbed soil, bare patches, roadsides, and meadows. We’ll discuss ways to find clean medicine in these types of spaces and cover several plants in depth. Plants we might encounter include plantain, red clover, yarrow, St. John’s wort, and self heal. (Beginner)

Herb Walk: Wild Medicinals of the Forests
Join Maria for this foray into the forest where we’ll explore common medicinal trees, shrubs, and wildflowers of the Northeastern Woodlands. We’ll cover some basic ecological wildcrafting ethics and focus on common, abundant, safe plants, although useful plants that are less ethical to harvest will also be noted. Plants we might encounter include white pine, hemlock, blueberry leaf, wild sarsaparilla, and goldthread. (Beginner)

Kitchen Apothecary 101: Core Medicine Making Techniques
In this whirlwind exploration of medicine making, Maria will share tips and techniques for the most essential forms of herbal medicine via a combination of live demonstration, lecture, and detailed class notes. Borrowing primary from methods taught by Michael Moore, you’ll learn how to dry plants and make 1:2 fresh plant tinctures, 1:5 dry plant tinctures (with variations for alcohol-free glycerine, vinegar, or oxymel extracts), basic tea infusions and decoctions, super infusions, and herb-infused oils. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to make potent remedies, often better quality than those available in stores! (Beginner)


Marita A Orr

Marita Orr teaches Herbal Apprenticeships and workshops focusing on a Mind, Body, Spirit connection through herbs at her home in Poughkeepsie NY. She hopes to make a difference to her community by showing them healthy ways to live in this fast paced life.
She started as a Soap Maker, and made 12 Soaps used for Spiritual Bathing and 20 Medicinal bars. She is fluent in Gemstones, Herbs and Essential Oils.
She has worked the last 10 years using Cannabis Root in her formulas, which she made for Soap for Hope, Selective Mutism in California, a profit for non profit company. Working with mental or terminal illness. Utilizing herbs where medication could not be added or in support of the medication. She was their head formulator & quality assurance director.
She is a featured writer for Essential Herbal Magazine.
She is a Certified Aromatherapist through the Heart of Herbs Herbal School
She is Certified in Gemstone Healing through Akasha's Journey.
She is a legally ordained minister through the Universal Life Church.


Medicine Making with Cannabis Root.
Many growers would give little thought to the roots of their cannabis plants beyond ensuring that they are healthy, supplied with water, nutrients, oxygen and drainage, before discarding them at harvest time. But the roots have been used in folk medicine for millennia and contain compounds of medicinal value. There is new and promising research into its topical applications especially in the areas of skin cancer, inflammation and for its antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties. Topical use is mainly through liniments, salves and cannabis oil/s. There will be samples. You be the Judge! (Beginner)

Coiling with Sweetgrass, Cattails, Iris Leaves, and Daylilies Coil Basketry Workshop
Coiled baskets are an ancient and versatile method of constructing vessels for a variety of functions and from a wide variety of materials. This workshop will focus on the use of various grasses, sedges, rushes, cattail leaves, iris leaves, wool, and recycled/reusable materials from our modern world. Through this workshop you will find that nearly any wild or found material can be used to make a beautiful and functional basket. Creating baskets with found natural materials especially is a creative and fulfilling way to work with your hands, get to know your environment, and create one of a kind pieces of functional (or non-functional) artwork. There are many ways to approach basketry as a beginner —twining, plating, doing free-form work are just a few examples. The most versatile, approachable, and fun is coiled basketry! We will be providing all of the supplies. If you are excited about crafting, working with your hands, using common materials such as cattails and grasses to create art, or even just gathering with a group of warm and kind people and learning a new skill please consider joining me! (Beginner)

Intensive: Candle Magic
Can you remember the intense energy you put into making your wish as you blew out your birthday candles when you were a child? That moment may have been your first practice of candle magic.
Since human beings discovered fire, they were in awe of its power. They sought to harness that power, mostly to use its power of transformation. We continue this ancient tradition when we practice candle magic.
In many different traditions burning candles are a sacred tradition.
We will be working with Sacred Waters, Oils and Herbs.
You will learn the basics on candle magic including how to prepare candles, how to use the right colors, shapes, symbols, how to use them with herbs and oils, and how to create your own intentional candle.
It is a workshop that is fun and full of Glitter, oils, herbs and magic!

Mz imani  ybg_thumb_c4b4.jpg

Mz. imani

Mz. imani facilitates, instigates and co-creates ceremonial music circles. She has been tending ceremonial fire circles for about 30 years. She offers mentorships, sound sessions, rituals & WErkshops as well as offering her support to the elders of many nations through her work with the Handpan. She also produces music and ceremonial gatherings (HangOut-USA, SoulFire Circles) in Western NC and Maryland.

As a ceremonial musician and a spiritual activist Mz. imani Tends To The Sacred Nature of Life. Her passion is to positively influence the landscapes of the sacred. In her personal practice and our collective collaborative circles, she holds a fierce compassion for gentle transmutation through drumming, art, movement, singing, and dance, by holding the container and sharing ways for us to play well together.

Mz. imani is the curator and caretaker of the Swannanoa Sound Chamber (18th Peace Chamber) in Swannanoa, North Carolina, and has been supporting NEWHC for many, many years. www.mzimani.com  www.soulfirecircles.com  www.HangOut-USA.com


The Way of SoulFire: This WErkshop is dedicated to helping you to learn the architecture of SoulFire. The "How and Why" we build the energetic and physical structures of the circle to support us in a way we can rely on. We then share the WErk of completing the circle for NEWHC Saturday Night’s SoulFire (during Free Thyme). If you interested, you are invited to step in to help hold the many roles and the response abilities that are inherently present in a ceremonial collaboration like this.

Mz. imani will dive into the point and purpose of the form, the techniques, tools and methods she has honed thru more than 30 years of cultivating, pARTicipating and facilitating this collaborative and improvisational art form and ceremony. By considering the structure that we are WErking,  playing and praying within, you gain perspective to help you acclimate to, and navigate thru, the many layers of reality that become available in this alchemical container. You become more informed on ways to pARTicipate, build, tend and be in reciprocity with caring for your personal, and our collective, SoulFire.

Intensive: Garden of the Groove: Tools for Cultivating the Sacred Fire Circle In the beauty and sense of spirit that surrounds a Sacred Fire Circle, an initiation of wonder awaits us. Join us as we explore ways to set the space, play and pray in the space, communicate with “the unseen allies of hope” and learn to be “read the signs” of the fire, the music, and the people gathered. Join Mz. imani as ceremonial architects, who build the container for Saturday night’s fire circle. We recognize ourselves, and each other as “agents of change” who gather to celebrate the creative spirit that resides in us all.

Rachel Thomas Garden.jpg

Rachel Thomas

Rachel Thomas is an internationally-recognized herbalist, author and teacher of natural health practices. She’s the founder of the Hidden Garden Ethnobotanical Sanctuary in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica where for over 20 years she has researched the ancient healing systems of Central America and the Caribbean. Rachel received an honors degree in education and Africana studies from Brown University and is a certified health coach. She continues to study with traditional healers of the Americas and advocates to preserve their ancestral wellness practices. Rachel offers private sessions in which she uses ancient wellness analyses within a health coaching structure. Her clients learn ancient tools for bringing balance into their lives and reaching their health goals. www.hiddengarden.co


Creating an Ancestral Garden
Learn a simple framework for developing a school or neighborhood garden, based on the strengths and knowledge of community members. Learn how to use your garden as a safe space for sharing cultural wisdom and other healthy, earth-based practices, how to decide what to plant, what tasks will be required, looking for funding and planning for the future.  

Ancient Wellness Tools for Women (Part 1)
In ancient times, around the world, women passed down through generations healing magic and tools for wellness. This workshop will teach you to incorporate these tools into your modern life, organizing your health needs in a holistic system as our ancestors did. Understand reproductive system health, life cycles and social roles from an earth-based perspective of wellness. Learn how to manipulate your internal elements and manifest your maximum health potential using simple home remedies. Part 1 covers plant medicine, including reproductive physiology, related organ systems and herbal actions.

Ancient Wellness Tools for Women (Part 2)
In ancient times, around the world, women passed down through generations healing magic and tools for wellness. This workshop will teach you to incorporate these tools into your modern life, organizing your health needs in a holistic system as our ancestors did. Understand reproductive system health, life cycles and social roles from an earth-based perspective of wellness. Learn how to manipulate your internal elements and manifest your maximum health potential using simple home remedies. Part 2 covers energy balancing, movement, sound, hydrotherapy, self-massage, and emotional healing techniques.

Rocio Alarcon.jpg

Rocio Alarcon

PhD in Ethno-Pharmacology
An Ethnopharmacologist, Ethno-botanist, energetic practitioner and extraordinary teacher and healer, Rocίo has spent over 30 years working with groups in the tropical rain forest and Andes Mountains of Ecuador and in the Basque Country, Spain. Rocίo is renowned and beloved. She practices, teaches about energetic healing ceremonies, knowledge coming from her mother and grandmother lineage, from the Andes Mountains in Ecuador. www.iamoecenter.org


Chonta as an element to move low vibration energies in the body
Uses of chonta to heal and remove energetic lows. A full course with techniques and practices. Directed to people who work within health, social and care services. For people with stressful careers and lives. (Beginner)

Use of plants as active elements in human energy changes. Mechanisms to learn the Limpia ceremony.
Limpia is a ceremony from Ecuador specially in the Andes Mountains. To learn about this ceremony it is important to understand the classification of plants by their physical and spiritual characteristics.

Intensive: Sacred Bathing
The power of the water in combination with plants can move conditions of for spiritual and physical bodies. Bathing is a very old healing practice in Ecuador. I will offer a practice to identify the different properties of plants for preparing a bathing.

Rosemary Gladstar  DSC04765.jpeg

Rosemary Gladstar

Rosemary Gladstar has been practicing, living, learning, teaching and writing about herbs for over 45 years.  She is the author of twelve books including Medicinal Herbs; a Beginners Guide, Herbal Healing for Women, Gladstar Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Well Being and her most recent book, Herbal Healing for Men. She is also the author and director of the popular home study course,  The Science and Art of Herbalism. Rosemary co-founded and was the former director of both The  International Herb Symposium and The New England Women’s Herbal Conference, is the Founding President of United Plant Savers, and was the co-founder and original formulator of  Traditional Medicinal Tea Company. She recently moved from her home at Sage Mountain ~ an Herbal Retreat Center and Botanical Sanctuary where she has lived, taught and worked for the past 30 years ~ to a smaller haven where she plans to plant a small garden, dream more, do less, and spend more time with the plants.  www.rosemarygladstar.com


Herb Walk: Weeds of Wonder
Join Rosemary for a stroll through meadow and forest, learning common wild edible and medicinal plants and enjoying the energy infusing through all. Bring songs and offerings...we’ll leave them for the wild ones.

Circle Class: Weeds of Wonder Herb Walk and Slideshow (Teens Only)
One of the most empowering aspects of Herbalism is learning to identify and use those edible and medicinal plants that grow wild around us. We'll watch a short slide presentation of common weeds and then head out to the meadows and forests to discover what's growing abundantly around us and what these plants can be used for. Emphasis will be developing special plant relationships with 'ally plants'.

Intensive: Hands on Medicine Making
Join Rosemary for a delightful class on hands on medicine making. At this intensive, you'll learn everything you need to know to make high quality tinctures, herbal oils, salves, and medicine balls. Rosemary will share her favorite recipes and remedies. Volunteers will be invited to help mix and roll balls, stir and pour salves, chop herbs, etc. Class includes samples and handouts.  (Beginner/Intermediate)

Sade photo may 27, 11 05 10 pm.jpg

Sade Musa

Motivated by her own experiences navigating a deeply racist medical system, and similarly problematic alternative healing spaces, Sade Musa founded ROOTS OF RESISTANCE -- an educational project that seeks to help folks reclaim healing ways interrupted by colonization, to disrupt narratives which invisibilize Afro-diasporic contributions to medicine, and bring attention to health disparities and other forms of health injustice. ROR operates under the belief that bodily autonomy and culturally relevant medical care are essential, and that learning to heal ourselves is a liberatory praxis of self-determination and resistance. ROR is dedicated to helping historically looted communities advocate for their wellbeing, access quality healthcare, and to find alternatives if western healing models fail them. Through ROR she offers donation-based and sliding scale community herbal classes and consultation, leads free plant walks, operates an apothecary, and donates medicine to various grassroots wellness programs.


The Roots Of Our Resistance: Remembering Our Ancestors Through Plants (BIPOC only)
In this workshop, Sade Musa will discuss how decolonizing traditional medicine ways are a form of ancestor veneration, and why this work should be revitalized for modern liberation movements. Together we will explore the ways in which African diasporic peoples have historically used plants to assert autonomy under oppressive conditions, the medico-spiritual resistance cultures of slavery and post-bellum times, and the plant knowledge modern Blacks folk use to advance health equity. We’ll outline the influence Africans have had on other healing traditions, and the impact suppression of our medicine had on our communities. We will end by diving deeper into what it means to decolonize our medicine, and move through an activity to help participants connect with their ancestral plants.

Sowing Solidarity: Cultivating an Herbal Practice Rooted in Racial Justice
The herbal world has undergone a great shifting lately. Were you shocked by the many discussions of decolonization — of cultural appropriation, of racism — that have occurred this past year, and struggled to make sense of it all? Or maybe you are long familiar with social justice, interested in deepening your allyship, but unsure how to do so? Whether you are already invested in building solidarity with marginalized peoples, or question why herbalism should care about more than plants, this interactive workshop is for you. Together, we will engage in exercises to inventory the privilege we all carry, brainstorm ways in which we can move in allyship, and meditate on our complicity in a white supremacist cisheteropatriarchal society. We will cover a number of relevant anti-racism topics, such as: medical biases, cultural determinants of health, culturally competent care, and antiBlackness. This workshop will be taught from the intersectional lens of a slave-descended mixed/Black, working poor, chronically ill & disabled, queer cis-woman.

sára abdullah.JPG

sára abdullah

sára is an indigenous SWANA/Pinxy non-binary femme Muslima dyke descended from nomadic dreamweavers, kitchen witches, tricksters, and storytellers. She honors those who came before and those who gather with her in circle through a life's work in plant medicine, healing, pleasure activism, magic, writing, and nurturing the creative spirit in herself and others. As a poet, storyteller, cultural organizer, and healing artist, she is committed to uplifting radical tenderness, (re)membering embodied knowledge, uplifting the erotic, and building collective liberation.

They are the vision holder of earth seed holistic, a healing practice and consultancy that provides botanical offerings, herbal consultations, creativity coaching, energy work, full-spectrum doula companionship, and workshops centered in plant medicine, cosmic wisdom, and nurturing the creative spirit. www.earthseedholistic.com


Writing in the Weeds (BIPOC only)
What lessons do 'weeds' have for our creative and social movements? This workshop will engage with plant medicine as a process for recovering the fullness of our personal and collective stories, memories, and identities. Through practices of embodied writing, we'll explore the wisdom and strategies that plant allies can share in supporting our creative emancipation. By building relationships with plants that are grounded in deep listening principles, we are able to access stories of ancestral resilience and resourcefulness to challenge dominant ideologies and envision possibilities for a loving, regenerative, transformative world.

Generative Space Care
Learn how plant medicine can provide preventative care and healing for your generative space. The workshop will focus specifically on care for folks who have had the experience of mxnstruating. We will also explore food as medicine, daily wellness and creativity rituals that can strengthen awareness and connection to the generative space, and focus on the medicine of a few plant allies that have a specific affinity for the generative space.

Shabina Lafleur-Gangji.jpg

Shabina Lafleur-Gangji

Shabina is a mixed-race Indian, Persian and French herbalist. She has a background in Ayurveda and Western Herbalism. She has worked alongside groups like the Rising Roots Collective, Toronto Freedom School, Fuerza-Puwersa, Growing Community Health, Our Sustenance and Asian Arts Freedom School to increase access of traditional herbal knowledge in racialized communities. She is currently in her sixth semester at Humber College in Toronto studying Traditional Chinese Medicine. You can find her working at the Tzu Chi Clinic of Traditional Chinese Medicine and offering the NADA protocol at the Renascent Punanai Treatment Centre


Clinical Ayurvedic Assessment
This workshop will explore the basics of Ayurvedic clinical assessment tools. We will explore using complexion, hair, nails, urine, digestion, sleep, pulse and tongue to give us insights into our patients' conditions.

Masala Chai: A historical and ayurvedic perspective
In this workshop we will examine the history of Masala Chai in India, from colonial tea plantations, to its part in overthrowing the British. We will take a look at the role each herb plays within the drink through the lens of Ayurvedic Medicine. Finally we will make and enjoy a fresh pot of masala chai.

Stephanie Morningstar.jpg

Stephanie Morningstar

Stephanie Morningstar (Oneida, Turtle clan) is an herbalist, ethnobotanist, cultural anthropologist, student, and educator whose passion lies with native species plants and Indigenous Knowledge + Science as well as bioregional and ancestral plant medicines. Her anthropological work focuses on cultural safety in herbalism as well as the ethical translation between Western and Indigenous plant and medicine knowledges. She's been (and continues to be) a student of herbalism training with Haudenosaunee, Anishinaabe, and Western teachers for the past 15 years. Her ethnobotanical research focuses on the native species plant medicines of Dish With One Spoon territory. Through an integration of oral history, documentary storytelling, photovoice, and ethnography, Stephanie asks the unique questions required to achieve cultural competency in herbalism. Stephanie currently works and teaches in Niagara, Ontario at Sky World Apothecary @ Orchard Hill Farm, an organic herb farm and woodland garden in the middle of the northernmost part of the magical Carolinian forest.


Circle Within a Circle: Botany, Plant Walk, and Sacred Circle (Teens Only)
Let’s come together to connect and learn about plants in sacred space, sharing what we know, and learning from each other, our ancestors, and Indigenous and Western sciences. We will begin our journey with a guided meditation to open our senses and will follow with a brief sharing circle. We will then learn about the basics of botany, wildcrafting, and ethical land stewardship and carry those news skills onto the land with a medicine walk where we will meet and greet our plant relatives with our hearts, minds, and spirits open.

Intensive: Intersections Between Herbalism, Health, and Justice: Moving from “Allyship” to “Accompliceship”  Ayo Ngozi, Stephanie Morningstar, and Dana L Woodruff (sliding scale)
Healing is the act of facilitating Creation to transform and bring back into balance that which has become dis/eased. It is our responsibility as medicine helpers, herbalists, and facilitators of Creation to provide healing spaces and experiences that are safe, equitable, and congruent with our clients’ unique stories and experiences. To create inclusive, equitable, and safe healing spaces for all people we must search for and examine the root cause of disease. In this case, we will explore social determinants of health and the movement to “decolonize” healing through creating safe space, which begins in the hearts, hands, minds, and spirits of each individual practitioner.

Join us as we hold up the mirror to examine the foundations of an epidemic made invisible- the crystalline structure of colonization and its effects on our health and well being. We will bear witness to how systemic and institutional racism and heteropatriarchy affects and degrades our relationship with Creation. We’ll work together and in small groups to understand how to actively decolonize our minds, hearts, herbal practices, and relationships to the land. This workshop will shed light on the colonized roots of western herbalism and ethnobotany; the history and impacts of colonization as a root cause for disease; and how we can collectively and individually work to actively dismantle systems of oppression to build a stronger, more resilient foundation as a practitioner and human being.

This workshop is meant for all those who want to hone their skills and become the most effective practitioner possible; who consider (or would like to consider) themselves “Allies” who are ready to unlearn the dominant ideology that supports systemic oppression often upheld in western herbal healing spaces; who are ready to reclaim their ancestral legacies as healers in right relationship with each other and the land; and who experience systemic oppression and want to know more about how to effectively heal from the legacy of historical trauma and inequitable social determinants of health.

This is a 4-hour intensive course that will prepare you for deeper dives into health justice work. It’s an opening meant to catalyze you into deeper learning. The course is being co-taught by Dana Woodruff, Ayo Ngozi, and Stephanie Morningstar. We will focus on the experiences of Black, Indigenous, and PoC herbalists, clinicians, and patients, and will also learn about the experiences of Allies and Accomplices who have stood at the forefront of this work with us.

Suzanna Stone

Suzanna resides in Scottsville, VA. She founded and directs Owlcraft Healing Ways where she offers clinical herbal consultations and in depth community and clinical apprenticeships, herb camps for kids, and workshops in herbal medicine, traditional food-ways, and plant spirit medicine. She was raised in a home where plant medicine and whole foods were the foundations of health and has spent the last 19 years broadening that foundation and deepening her knowledge of the herbal arts. She teaches at herb schools and conferences throughout the country and is co-founder and co-director of The Gaia Gathering For Women in Charlottesville, VA. She stewards fourteen acres of plant filled land to provide sanctuary, healing, and accessible education for all who hear the call of the plants.


Herbal Bath Bombs: Get Your Fizz On (Circle within a Circle - Teens Only)
Herbal bath bombs are a fun and easy way to deepen your self care rituals. You can choose to make your bath relaxing, invigorating, clarifying, and more because the options are endless when you understand the basic recipe for a bath bomb and how to add in plant medicine.

Tiffany Robbins

Tiffany is a clinical herbalist with a small practice in PA, who has a love and passion are for all things botanical, be that foraging, medicine making, fiber arts, or natural perfumery.


Terpenes the Missing Link
Everyone is talking CBD or THC, but what about the terpenes? This class will focus on the role terpenes play in the entourage effect of cannabis medicine. This will be a multi sensory experience.

Weaving on Gourds
Come see how fun and relaxing weaving on gourds can be! This class is limited to 20 people, so register early. There is a $10 material fee payable to the teacher at the class.

Rites of Passage Ceremony for Circle Within Circle Teens (Teens Only)
This is a Rites of Passage Ceremony for all Circle Within A Circle Teens. This ceremony will honor the beauty in each participant and showcase their many blessings. We will use purification elements such as water, fire, wind, and earth to celebrate womanhood.


Ubaka Hill

Ubaka Hill - Visionary Artist, Performer, Educator for over 30 yrs. Ubaka creatively moves energy with the powerful sounds of rhythm and resonance with Drums, Poetry and Song. Ubaka's workshops - Art and Spirit of Drumming workshops offers each one an immersive opportunity to explore and experience one's own inner and outer connection to natural vibrational energy and self-expression. Ubaka's concert is a journey of Souls with songs that are authentic, positive, energizing, inspiring. A genuine expression of artistry, of sacredness and joyful exchange. Ubaka is an inspirational and inspired keynote speaker and orator that encourages and uplifts the Soul.

Ubaka is a researcher and archivist of women's drumming transitions. She is an environmentalist and visionary founder of the Million Women Drummers Global Initiative. Ubaka has three CDs and is working on a collection of new songs for her solo CD coming soon. www.UbakaHilldrumsong.com


Music As Medicine
An experiential workshop to explore the power and application of vibration and frequency with Drums, Hand Percussion, Bells, Rattles and Voice. In this workshop you will expand your knowledge and understanding of sound with group drumming and practical information based on ancient and contemporary modalities. Great workshop for energy-workers, therapist, drum circle facilitators, sacred ritual, healers and artist. Basic drumming skills is required. Bring Drums, Rattles, Singing Bowls, Shakers, Bells and small percussion.

Drumsong The Art and Spirit of Drumming
This a great workshop for Beginner and Intermediate Drummers for creative self-expression, healing and energy work. In this workshop you will learn and improve the primary sounds / language and technique for the Djembe, Dundun, Conga, Ashiko, Doumbeck, Frame drums and Bells.

Learn multi-cultural Drum Songs that are great for community drum circles, healing circles, celebrations, rituals, facilitation, performance and personal enjoyment. With group drumming and practical information, you will enhance your understanding, skills confidence and creative self-expression with drums, bells, sticks, hands and voice.

No Basic drumming skills required. Bring Drums, Rattles, Shakers, Bells and percussion. All Drums are welcome. (Beginner)

Vilde Chaya Fenster-Ehrlich

Vilde Image_1 2018-12-11_17-48-19.jpeg

Vilde Chaya Fenster-Ehrlich is a community herbalist committed to accessible, inclusive herbal practice and education. She specializes in trans health and supporting trans clients. She has been involved with organizing free, multi-modality clinics in Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Arizona since 2010, and is presently a clinical herbalist and educator at Stonefruit Community Herbalists. Before working as an herbalist, she spent a decade as a standardized patient, educating medical students about competent, anti-oppressive care. She sought out herbal medicine as an ally to support community organizers, activists, queer and trans folks and others harmed and underserved by racism, capitalism and the patriarchy. In her experience, healing work is intimately interconnected with understanding, coping with and resisting systemic violence and oppression. www.wildcherries.org


Make Your Clinic, Classes or Activities More Gender-Inclusive for Trans, Non-Binary and All Clients and Participants
Co-led by Larken Bunce
This class will offer concrete approaches to changing how your work with clients, teach, write, practice and plan herbal spaces in order to make the space equitable for people of all genders. We'll look at assumptions and deeply-rooted beliefs and practices that shape the ways we do things, and we'll get to spend time discussing and workshopping specific educational and clinical scenarios. The class will be accessible to people with all levels of herbal or political experience, and will offer delicious feminist frameworks for thinking about gender equity.

*Larken Bunce, MS is a clinical herbalist, educator, writer, gardener, and photographer. She is founding co-director and core faculty at Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism, which runs a full-time sliding-scale community clinic and a 3-year training program for clinical herbalists. Her practice and teaching draw equally from science and spirit, novel practice and tradition, clinic and garden, reflecting her diverse experiences in over 20 years in the field. She is committed to the ongoing work of social and ecological justice and repair, especially as these relate to herbal medicine. She holds a Master of Science in Clinical Herbal Medicine, as well as certificates in Zen Shiatsu, Swedish/Esalen Massage, and Mind-Body Skills. Larken is passionate about clinical mentorship, bridging traditional healing models with biomedical sciences, and restoring Nature to culture through herbal medicine. www.larkenbunce.com and www.vtherbcenter.org

Harmful Messages, Body (and Gender) Dysphoria, and Herbs and Practices to Fight Back
Co-led by Jocelyn Kirkwood
We spend all our days in these oddly-shaped, awkward, graceful, beautiful forms of flesh and hair and so many moving parts. Flesh our society is deeply hostile too, with our out-of-control fatphobia, vicious gender norms, white supremacy, Puritan sexual mores and capitalism's drumbeat: "you're not good enough." This sea of body-shaming accompanies the trauma we experience and inherit, leaving many of us feeling alien and disconnected from our own bodies and from our sexualities. We'll discuss and try out strategies for deconstructing dysphoria, including somatic practices, creating new narratives, and working with plant magic, tools to build safer and more pleasurable relationships with our bodies.

*Jocelyn Kirkwood is a community herbalist and social justice activist from Cleveland, OH. Co-founder and herbalist at the Lake Effect Free Alternative Health Clinic, Jocelyn specializes in harm reduction, first aid, LGBTQ health, chronic conditions, and mental health. She is also an experienced permaculture gardener, and gets great joy in growing and wild harvesting many of the herbs that she uses in her practice. Jocelyn offers consultations and classes with the Stonefruit Community Herbalists in Pittsburgh, Pa where she currently resides.

Mind Games and Body Feels: Activities to Experiencing Plants and Our Selves More Fully
Come feel good with some plants and games. We’ll get super chill with some techniques that will help you deepen your understanding and connection with plant medicines. Try some juicy practices that you can use with yourself or clients to ground in and amplify your embodied intuition, be present with or direct the magic of the plants. You’ll leave feeling more centered and alive!

Xeo Thuy-Tien


Xeo works to honor her matriarchal lineage through her work with herbal medicine. By the age of thirteen, out of necessity, Xeo’s grandmother was learning and practicing herbal medicine while actively fighting and resisting colonization in the jungle. Being raised under the care of such a strong family matriarch has deeply influenced and continues to guide Xeo’s work with herbal medicine. Since 2014, Xeo has been involved with co-organizing free herbal clinics, free foot clinics, and mobile care/1st aid stations in the South and across the country. Xeo has dedicated her work with herbal medicine to supporting communities resisting land and resource colonization, Southern queer communities resisting hetero-patriarchal molds, and everyone else that’s struggling from the grind of this unjust world. Xeo is currently studying acupuncture and traditional herbal medicine in Texas, while minoring in diesel mechanics from Youtube University. https://communityhealthherbalnetwork.blogspot.com


Hormones & Hair; Hormones Down There; Hormones Everywhere: PCOS and Androgenic Alopecia

PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) is an endocrine condition that is closely linked with hair loss (androgenic alopecia), extra facial or body hair, acne, painful or irregular cycles, pelvic pain, sore/tender breasts, fatigue, depression, anxiety, mood swings, increased cholesterol and insulin levels, and hormone related weight gain. This class on hormones will explore the hormonal and lifestyle factors that directly influence Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Androgenic Alopecia (hormonally influenced hair loss) and will explore different approaches towards restoring balance and managing symptoms with lifestyle, diet, good sleep, and herbs- including recipes for slowing hair loss.

Herbal Accomplices: HPV, Herpes, and DIY Suppositories

In this class, we will create an intentional space to share our own experiences living with and treating these viruses to build up our collective knowledge and understanding of how they can affect us. Together, we will deepen our understanding of HPV (Human Papillomavirus) and the Herpes viruses and understand how these viruses can silently affect our bodies even in between or in absence of outbreaks, so we can be informed in our approach to living with/treating herpes and/or HVP. We will cover different lifestyle, diet, herbal, and topical approaches to care for our bodies in between outbreaks, as well as how to help sooth outbreaks, lessen their occurrence, and shorten their duration when outbreaks do occur. We will also discuss recipes and techniques to make your own DIY herbal suppositories including how to make your own cheap, quick, and easy DIY molds for your homemade herbal suppositories.