It is time once again, sweet women, to begin the work for the

31st Annual Women’s Herbal Conference

August 24–26, 2018


There are limited number of partial scholarships available to help those in financial need who would like to attend the NE Women’s Herbal Conference. Scholarships are for $100 for Adult Registration, $50 for Elders, Teens and Children. They are intended to be used to help offset the tuition costs for people who would not otherwise be able to attend. Scholarship recipients are welcome to register for Meals, Indoor Lodging and Thursday arrival.

 In order to create as many scholarships and other discounted registration positions as possible, we ask that individuals applying for scholarships don’t apply for work-study positions. If you have an absolute need for both, then please contact us directly with that request and we’ll consider your situation. 

We want everyone who wishes to attend, to be able to come to these wonderful herbal events, as well as making sure that the event's expenses are covered. Thank you for your understanding!