Registered Participant Information

Please read the following information carefully 

Thank you for joining us for our 32nd Annual Celebration of the NE WHC!! We’ll be meeting again at beautiful Camp Wicosuta on Newfound Lake in the little town of Hebron, NH. Camp Wicosuta has been a girl’s camp for over 90 years! Newfound Lake is considered to be one of the cleanest lakes in New Hampshire; we’ll have access to a small beachfront where we can relax, and swim. It is a lovely setting, and a joyful gathering. Let’s gather to create ‘magic’, fun, and powerful healing energy for the planet. Your presence is deeply appreciated and warmly welcomed. Come with an open heart, the special gift of who you are, and your plant wise spirit ~ we’ll have a joyous time together honoring woman spirit, the wisdom of our ancestors & the healing power of plants.

We were able to add a few more Conference Meal Plans! You can sign up online until 5pm on Wednesday August 21, or at the conference during Registration if they are still available. If you are arriving on Thursday or need breakfast on Friday, you can still sign up for the Pre-Conference Meal Plan.
Click here to sign up for either of the Meal Plans 

Make Friends, Save Money, Carpool! 

Please try to carpool, as parking is limited. Going by an Airport? Your Long-Distance Sisters & Siblings Need You!


You will receive an abbreviated schedule at the NE WHC (without workshop descriptions). The full NE WHC schedule with workshop descriptions will be posted so that it can be downloaded on August 6th. If you would like a copy of the schedule w/workshop descriptions, be sure to print it after August 6th.

You can see the Tentative Schedule on the website.

There will be no audio recordings of classes this year, and no staff photographer. We invite you to unplug and be in the present moment.

  • Pre-Conference Meal Plan includes Thursday Dinner, Friday Breakfast and Lunch.

  • Conference Meal Plan includesFriday Dinner to Sunday Lunch.

  • Food Vendors will begin serving food Friday Lunch until Sunday Lunch.

Thursday, August 22nd (Pre-Conference )
You must be pre-registered for early check-in or for the Pre-Conference Meal Plan (Thursday Dinner to Friday Lunch).
- Early Check- in: 4pm to 6:30pm ONLY  Please do not arrive earlier or later. 
- Thursday Dinner (Pre-Conference Meal Plan Only) 6pm to 7pm

Friday, August 23rd 
- Friday Breakfast (Pre-Conference Meal Plan Only) - 7am to 8:30am
- Registration 7:30am to 12pm  
Pre-Conference Intensives 8:15am to 11:45am
Community Workshops 10am to 12:15pm
- Friday Lunch (Pre-Conference Meal Plan or Food Vendors) 12pm to 1pm
- Opening Circle 1pm to 2pm  
First Class  2pm to 4:30pm

Sunday, August 25th
- Closing Circle 1:30pm to 2:30pm
- Departure 2:30pm to 4:30pm


Many intensives still have room available! Click here to see descriptions. Online intensive registration is now closed for all intensives, except the new offering listed below. You will be able to sign up for an Intensives that are not full at the NEWHC during Registration at the NEWHC on Thursday and Friday.

New Intensive in the Red Tent 
Intensive: Season of Lotus: Embodying Lotus Energy When Engaging The Topic of Race with Laura Night
Saturday 9am to 12pm

The lotus is an incredible gift of wisdom and medicine the Earth, whose power is acknowledged by nearly every culture around the world. The current condition of race relations in our society on a local, national & global scale, is deeply in need of wise women who truly understand the transformative power of plants and are unapologetically committed to humanity.
In this transformative workshop, you will learn about lotus energy, how to holistically embody it, how to use it in real time when engaging the topic of race.Through presentation, discussion, energywork & practice exercises, you will now be able to navigate once challenging engagements on topics of race with a new level of ease.  Please bring water, a separate cup, a scarf/towel, and wear comfortable clothing.  *This intensive is intended for white women. 
($35,you can pre-register online until Wed. August 21 at 5pm, or at the conference during Registration. If space is available, you are able to register and pay with cash or check at the intensive.)

Important details to note & things to plan ahead for

  • No pets are allowed on the grounds; leave beloved furry friends at home. No exceptions.

  • Only Registered Guests allowed on campgrounds: Family and friends not registered for the NE WHC will not be allowed on the grounds. There will be a designated meeting place in the parking lot that is the Friends & Family Meeting Spot (look for sign).   There are lovely campgrounds in the area ( & where friends and family can camp while you’re having fun & learning tons at the WHC.  But please be clear with them that they will not be welcomed on the grounds. 

  • There is no car camping or RVs allowed unless you have pre-registered and paid for one of the few spaces. All of the spaces have been reserved at this time. Please contact laura@newomensherbal.comif you are hoping to sleep in a vehicle. Thanks!

  • No nudity in public spaces at the camp.  Also, No Camping or Car Camping in parking lot across the street from Camp Wicosuta.  It is imperative that we honor these requests, as it is camp policy. 

  • Smoking is only allowed in designated areas. No open flames, candles or burning herbs in the buildings and no campstoves or fires. Campers please note; smoking is not allowed at the campsites. Please honor this. 

  • Swimming in the pool and at the lake are permitted at designated times only when the lifeguard is on duty. Times will be posted at the conference.  All children must be under supervision of an Adult or Kids Camp while at the beachfront. 

  • Circle within a Circle classes are ONLY for those who are 13 to 18 years old

  • Massage with professional massage therapists will be available during the weekend. Massage is $65 per hour session. Sign up at the WHC Registration/Dining Hall - they will be posted on the wall; sign up early as schedules fill quickly.

  • Relaxation Oasis with herbalist Dee Slingerland. Join Dee for free facials, hand and foot herbal baths and other relaxing treats. Treatments are free. Dee also offers beautiful herbal products for sale.

  • Hands on Activities There are some hands-on activities that request a small donation to help cover material expense (usually $5 to $10). See Schedule for details.

  • The Herbal Emporium is a very popular place at the NE WHC; Support your herbal community – this is one of the best market places filled with handmade items, colorful clothes, wonderful books, jewelry and herbal goodies!

  • The World’s Best Barter Faire on Saturday afternoon during Free Thyme, women bring out their wares and set up for the Barter/Trade Faire. You’re welcome to bring herbal items, books, fancy beautiful goddess clothing, jewelry, handmade crafts, etc. to sell, trade and barter. Everyone’s welcome to participate. But the Barter Faire is only open during the designated time on Sat. afternoon (see schedule) after which all of items must be put away.

    Packing suggestions
    We are unable to drive up to the cabins or campsites, as the pathways to them are not drivable.  In the main parking lot, there is a covered drop off place to put your baggage so that it can be transported closer to where you are staying.  It will be well marked and someone will be there to help you. We will have golf carts and helpers for anyone who needs help to take luggage to your cabin and/or campsite.   THE IMPORTANT THING IS TO PACK ACCORDINGLY.  Put camping gear in duffle bags and keep luggage to a minimal. IMPORTANT to put your name on whatever you can! It’s amazing how many items end up in our lost and found at the end of the weekend and we want to get your things back to you! On Sunday, there will be drop-off spots around   Remember, for 90 years girls have been doing this at Camp Wicosuta and we can do it too!  It’s a very short distance...

  • All participants must bring their own bedding (sleeping bag, pillow)

  • Towels and personal toiletries (soap, shampoo, tooth paste, etc.) - try to be as fragrance-free as possible.

  • Rain gear & boots (even in the summer in New England, rain is common)

  • It will probably be WARM during the day and COLD at night. Looks like highs in the low 70s, and lows in the 50s are predicted over the conference weekend! If you are camping, be sure to bring a hat and some warm socks.

  • Flashlight with extra batteries

  • Sun hat and sunscreen 

  • Jacket and sweater (It can be cold)

  • Swimsuit necessary (no nude swimming)

  • Comfortable walking shoes

  • Items for the Barter Faire

  • Personal Snack Items & a Tea Cup

  • Notebook and pens/pencils

  • earplugs for light sleepers

  • Bring what you need to be comfortable, and also know that you will not be able to park your vehicle where you are staying, and that fewer bags are easier for transport.

  • optional; camping chair for comfort, yoga mat, meditation cushion, yarn, thread, beads, fabric to incorporate into our communal weaving.


  • The bunkhouses are clean & comfy! Think summer camp!  Sisterhood! Friendships! If you’re a light sleeper, bring earplugs and an eye pillow!  Each cabin has a nice large bathroom area.  You must register ahead for cabin space. Let us know ahead of time if there are friend(s) you wish to room with. If you are elderly and/or have difficulty getting around let us know ahead of time, and we’ll try to put you in one of the cabins closest to all of the activities.   We will reserve a cabin(s) for women w/ children.  Most cabins are centrally located.  Everyone must bring their own bedding; sleeping bag, or sheets/ blankets and pillow.   And towels and personal toiletries.  Indoor lodging is $65 per person for the weekend (Friday & Saturday night).

  • There are several areas for camping. Portapotties will be located close to the camping areas. There are very limited showers.  Campers need to bring all of their own camping gear; water proof tent (a must!), sleeping bag, pad, and waterproof tarp to put under the tent. There is no additional charge for camping.    

  • Be kind to the Camp’s septic system: Take short showers and report any dripping faucets. Flush only when necessary – the septic system is older & it’s no fun when things go awry! Don’t leave water running while brushing your teeth. Use Portapotties as much as possible– they get cleaned everyday!

  •  IMPORTANT FOR CAMPERS – The showers & bathrooms in BH #22 and BH #1 are available after 6pm or before 9am each day. Please do not use any other bunkhouse. Enter through the backdoor only and please keep the shower areas clean. We realize this is not a perfect situation which is why camping is free with Registration. With your help, and consideration, we are hopeful we can make this work. Remember there is always the lake for a refreshing dip!

  • Quiet Hours are between 10:30pm and 7am. Listen to the forest, breath in the sweet breath of the plants, enjoy the peace and quiet of the night and let others enjoy a deep sleep. (You still may want to bring ear plugs!)

  • There is no car camping or RVs allowed unless you have pre-registered and paid for one of the few spaces. Please contact if you are hoping to sleep in a vehicle. Thanks! 

  • If you wish more privacy and comfort, there are several nice lodging options in the area.  For a list of area lodging, please visit Camp Wicosuta's Lodging Page.    


If you are not signed up for the Conference Meal Plan (Friday Dinner to Sunday Lunch), please plan to purchase food from one of the wonderful Food Vendors. The Conference Meal Plans are sold out, but there is still room if you need to join the Pre-Conference Meal Plan( Thursday Dinner to Friday Lunch). The camp is not set-up for cooking stoves or fires, but you are welcome to bring a cooler and please let us know if you have special food needs that we can try our best to support them.

We were able to add a few more Conference Meal Plans!
You can sign up online until 5pm on Wednesday August 21,
or at the conference during Registration if they are still available. If you are arriving on Thursday or need breakfast on Friday, you can still sign up for the Pre-Conference Meal Plan. Click here to sign up for either of the Meal Plans 

Community Care

Respect - Reciprocity - Relationship

Beginning with respect, we hold that every being has a store of important knowledge to share. Given this knowledge, and their inherent dignity, we should seek to understand others before making ourselves understood.

Reciprocity follows directly from respect. If others have knowledge and are worthy of respect, then when they share their knowledge with us, we must see it is an important gift. We, too, have something to offer in exchange, but we must understand that our gift is offered in a spirit of reciprocity, not charity.

Respect and reciprocity must be extended to non-human others – animals, plants, and the natural world.

Relationship reminds us that we live within established connections, both locally and globally, and that we are implicated in what goes on in our own and other communities. We are acting within existing connections among people and communities; connections that are too often grossly unequal.

When we create relationships, then, we seek to create more just and equitable relationships that intentionally incorporate the elements of respect and reciprocity.   ~ Claudia J. Ford ~
The Little Village of Goodness 
offers a cornucopia of personal healing treatments.  Journey to the ‘Little Village of Goodness’ and find a village healer awaiting you.  More information on each of these practitioners, and a schedule/cost of their offerings will be posted at the Registration Table at the WHC.

In Living Color Space 
Centering the needs & voices of  black, indigenous, women of color, the In Living Color space exists as a way to help bring sisters together, to go deep in our work, to celebrate lineages & experiences. It is space designed by and for black, indigenous, people of color (BIPOC) to find emotional and physical support by way of BIPOC herbalists and herbal first aid.

The Red Tent  This sacred space offers an opportunity to slow down and check in with your precious self, or connect with other sisters in respectful and compassionate exchange. Come in any time during the conference to rest, journal, share bodywork, herbal counsel, or healing, to sing, pray, dance, draw, meditate, restore. Laura Night will lead several offerings during the weekend that are open to all and included on the main conference schedule.

Lavender Luxury Lounge for Queer & Trans Celebration & Relaxation - As we work to make the NEWHC more welcoming and inclusive for a greater diversity of women and non-binary folks, this year we are very excited to announce the creation of a space exclusively for queer, trans and non-binary conference-goers. This space will provide room for decompression from the hostility, microaggressions, invisibility and erasure LGBTQ+ folx (at times) experience during the conference. The Lounge will offer coziness, some therapeutic care, welcoming ears, privacy and a gathering spot for LGBTQ+ participants who want to connect. Endless gratitude for the visioning and work of Vilde Chaya Fenster-Ehrlich & Dami Feral for bringing the Lounge to the NEWHC

Community Weaving Space is open for everyone to engage in; providing a space for the voice, creativity, being heard, listening, connection, storytelling, & support. There will also be a beautiful, community weaving project where we can all weave the wefts of cloth, plants, and our dreams together. We encourage everyone, at some point, to come to the Community Weaving Space and add your magic. Feel free to bring fabric and adornments from home to weave in!

2019 NE WHC Community Agreements

The Plants have enough Spirit to transform our limited vision – Rosemary Gladstar
Transform yourself to transform the world - Grace Lee Boggs

All people who attend the WHC (staff, teachers, and participants) commit to upholding the following agreements during our time together.  By doing so we can create a sacred container for a joyful gathering where we can all learn, heal, grow, and celebrate each other and our wise teachers- the plants! 

The NE WHC staff, teachers and participants agree to hold Beloved & Brave Space, committing to:

  • Self care and collective care - Honor the physical, spiritual, & emotional boundaries of yourself and others. Take care of you, and take care of your neighbors!

  • Hold this sacred space for cis and trans gender women & non-binary people of all racial identities, national or ethnic origins, ancestries, ages, religions or spiritual beliefs, abilities, sexual orientations, skin colors, and body sizes. 

  • Respect every individual - including their identities, pronouns, & backgrounds. Commit to the life-long learning/unlearning about privileges and oppressive systems, and become/be aware of how your individual self fits into those systems.

  • Respect and care for the living plant communities and the earth.

  • Be open to learning.

  • Listen from the inside out (A feeling in your gut matters!). 

  • Assume best intentions, and attend to impact.  - Be mindful and accountable for the impact of your words and actions.* 

  • Rejoice in the beauty, wonder, and wellness of all bodies - including your own!

  • Choose language that is respectful, compassionate, and honest. Avoid language that is racist, sexist, ableist, ageist, homophobic, or transphobic. 

  • Hold confidentiality - Learn the lessons of other’s shared stories, but leave the details.

  • Make Space, Take Space -  If you are usually quiet, practice speaking up. If you are often the first one to speak, practice letting someone else go first. Be willing to actively listen, share, participate, and make space for silence. If you are in a class, be mindful that folks are there to hear what the teacher has to share.

  • Engage in cultural & community exchanges that come from a place of respect, reciprocity & right relationship.  Avoid the appropriation of culture, traditions, and practices - This may be a life-long learning and unlearning - be gentle, be open, be willing to listen, and to take responsibility for your past, present and future actions.

  • Center your decisions in ways that honor the collective, the earth, and future generations. 

*As women and non-binary people we are often socialized to avoid conflict. It can be hard both to speak up when someone has hurt you, or to hear that you have hurt someone. Decide now that you will see this as an opportunity for practicing speaking up, taking a breath, and listening. If you need support, please visit the Community Weaving space, Red Tent, or your affinity space (In Living Color Space for black, indigenous, people of color (BIPOC) or Lavender Luxury Lounge for Trans & Queer folks), to find some guidance on how to navigate those feelings and situations.

The NE WHC staff offers our gratitude to the following people & organizations whose work informed and inspired the formation of our classroom and community agreements: The NEWHC & IHS Leadership Council, the 2006 Radherb Collective, Emergent Strategies by adrienne maree brown,   The International Herb Symposium,  Soul Fire Farm, Olive Stefanski & Diana Rose Harper,  United Plant Savers, The Florida Herbal Conference, The Anti-Oppression Network, Rosemary Gladstar & Sage Mountain  

Getting to the Conference

21 Wicosuta Drive or 100 West Shore Drive • Hebron, NH 03241

The Camp’s address (21 Wicosuta Drive) is sometimes not recognized by GPS. If needed, use the following address: 100 West Shore Road. That will bring you to within a mile of camp.  Once you “arrive” follow signs to Camp Wicosuta.

Approximate driving times: Concord, NH (1hr), Manchester, NH (1.5hrs), Boston, MA(2hrs), Burlington, VT(2.5hrs)

Make Friends, Save Money, Carpool! 

Please try to carpool, as parking is limited. Going by an Airport? Your Long-Distance Sisters Need You!

Camp Map

You will also receive an updated map at the conference!

WHC Map 2019_Rendered.jpg

Class Handouts

Betzy Bancroft

Dr. Carina Lopez

Cat Buxton

Dana L Woodruff

Jess Rubin

Dr. Jus Crea Giammarino

Kate Gilday

Kelly Ablard

Maria Noel Groves

Rachel Thomas

Shabina Lafleur-Gangji

Stephanie Morningstar, Ayo Ngozi & Dana L Woodruff

Xeo Thuy-Thien

Children & Teens

Children's Registration (age 5 to 12) is FULL.
We love having the children and teens join us at the WHC. They bring a special magic to the NE WHC.  With that said, there are very clear guidelines that parents who bring their children must respect and abide by.  All children and teens must be pre-registered.  We have limited space in Kids Kamp and when Kids Kamp is full, we are unable to accept any more children at the WHC.  Children between the ages of 5-12 must either be at Kids Camp or with a designated care giver at all times; children are not allowed to ‘roam free’ at the WHC. We are unable to provide childcare for children under 5.

Young children (4 and younger) are welcome to join you are the conference, but please note that there is no child care available for them. The ‘little one’s’ are welcome to attend class with you, however, if they become fussy out of courtesy to others, please step away from the class.  Please bring snack items for your child, change of clothes, and diapers if necessary.  

Circle within a Circle for girls 13 and older.  Circle Girls can attend workshops in the regular schedule or their own special schedule designed just for them!  Please, no matter how ‘mature your 12+ child’ is, don’t try to get her into the teen circle. The Circle Girls created this rule themselves and when your young one is 13 and joins the Circle she’ll understand why!


Announcing the 11th Annual WHC Cordial & Elixir Contest

Facilitated by the Cordial Queen, Desirée Cohen,
Bring your favorite homemade cordials, elixirs, meads, wine and beer to the cordial bar for sampling and sharing

Categories will be divided into homemade: (a) cordials (b)wines (c) beers (d) meads (e) herbal elixirs (can include herbal tinctures and vinegars made to taste yummy!).

1. Create a name and label for your product
2. Include your name and phone # on the bottom of the bottle.
3. Drop your product off at the WHC information booth or at the Cordial Bar at the designated times posted on the Cordial Bar Tent.

Official judge will be our very own Desirée, queen of the cordial bar, and her team of specialists. Judges and participants will be limited on number of tastes per category! (Who will judge the judges?!@). Judging will take place on Saturday during Free Thyme. Prizes for first and second place in each category

Drop off your labeled entry at the Cordial Tent (near the WHC Info booth!) Desirée Cohen will lead the judging during Free Thyme on Saturday, and the winners will be announced on Saturday night. 

Fire Cider Contest.png

We invite you to a Fire Cider Tasting Event! 

We will be hosting a Free Fire Cider Tasting at the WHC again this year.  We invite you to make a quart (or more!!) of your favorite Fire Cider Recipe and bring it along to share with others at our Fire Cider Tasting event. We’ll all be the judges! Score cards & tasting cups provided.


Help preserve an herbal legacy fire cider, a tradition not a trademark. Free Fire Cider! For more information on how to preserve an herbal tradition visit

Free Fire Cider Tasting & Contest Bring your entry to the Fire Cider table near the Info Booth on Friday morning! We will all be the judges, so we encourage everyone to stop by for a sip and to cast your vote. Winners will be announced Saturday night.

Lily orange.jpg

Please make sure you have downloaded all the information you need.

If you have any questions please be in touch. 

Wishing you joy and peace until we gather in August!



August 1: All fees except for an $85 deposit per registrant are fully refundable until August 1.  (Fees includes tuition, intensives, meal & lodging fees) Partial refunds are subject to a 3% credit card processing fee.
After August 1 there are no refunds available. Registrations can be transferred to a woman of your choice at anytime, or donated to our scholarship fund.
The NEWHC expects to hold the conference, rain or shine. In the unlikely event that we were forced to cancel, we would refund as much of the registration fees as possible, which could mean we would be unable to offer any refunds. We ask that you note this Cancellation & Refund Policy, as there will be no exceptions.