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2019 Children's Registration (age 5 to 12), includes Kid's Camp



Kids Camp provides the opportunity for children age 5 to 12 to attend the NE Women’s Herbal Conference and to have a ‘camp of their own’. For more information about Kid’s Camp and bringing your children with you, please click here

Children (ages 5–12) includes Kid’s Camp and camping. ($175)
We are so sorry to anyone who was still hoping to bring their older children , that that the children’s spaces are now full and we are no longer able to take children’s reservations.  We love to have the children at the conference ~ they add so much joy and laughter ~ and are glad to be able to provide a special program for them. Please note, the decision to bring your children age 5 to 12 without registering them for Kids Camp is not an option. Also, because it adds so much confusion to the registration process, we are unable to register you based on whether or not there will be an opening at a later date for your child.  You will need to decide now whether you wish to attend the NE WHC without your child. We sincerely hope you can make other arrangements for child care so that you can attend this year.

Children 4 years and younger are welcome to attend the NE WHC at no charge, but no childcare is available. The ‘little one’s’ are welcome to attend class with you, however, if they become fussy out of courtesy to others, please step away from the class.  Please bring snack items for your child, change of clothes, and diapers if necessary.  

Please click here to sign up for the Children’s Waitlist

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Additional Info

New this year!

We are so excited to announce that starting in 2019, Kid’s Camp for children age 5 to 12 will be led by Camp Wicosuta counselors!
Camp Wicosuta has been a girls' camp for over 90 years and was founded by a visionary woman to foster leadership skills in young woman. The camp provides excellent facilities, indoor lodging, camping, and a lovely sandy beach on the lake for swimming and enjoying the sun and water.

Don’t worry - NE WHC teachers, staff and volunteers will still be stopping by to provide some fun herbal activities!