Kids Kamp

A delightfully fun Kids Kamp For children ages 2–12 at the Women’s Herbal Conference

Kids Kamp provides the opportunity for a limited number of children to attend the Women’s Herbal Conference and to have a ‘camp of their own’. Helen Leavitt & Kenzie McDonald are the coordinators of the WHC Kids Kamp Program. They both have had extensive experience working with children. Helen and Kenzie and their crew of helpers plan a delightfully fun time for the kids. We’ve had kids who have “grown up at the Kids Kamp”, graduated to Circle within a Circle (teen program) and are now bringing their babies with them to the Women’s Herbal Conference circle.

Unfortunately space is limited in Kids Kamp. Please register early (we suggest before the end of Early Bird Registration) to ensure you child has a place. All children over two must be pre registered to attend the Women’s Herbal Conference. At the conference, all children over 2 must either be with their parents at all times or in Kids Kamp.

Boys 10 and under are welcome to join us at the Women’s Herbal Conference. During workshops and evening activities, children are welcome to attend so long as they are with you and listening quietly and respectfully. Parents must be with their children at all times when children are not in Kids Kamp.

Kids Kamp is divided into two groups, ages 2–7 and ages 8–12 and activities are planned accordingly.  If you have any special skills that you’d like to offer Kids Kamp such as story telling, skits, building fairy houses, leading kids herb walks, etc. Please email Helen and Kenzie at

Upon registering your child, a form will be sent to outline parent’s responsibilities at the Women’s Herbal Conference as well as a medical form.  In order for your child to attend the Women’s Herbal Conference both of these forms need to be signed and returned NO LATER than August 1.  Without these signed forms your child will not be able to attend the Women’s Herbal Conference and his or her deposit will be refunded as outlined in our refund policy. Thank you.

We look forward to your child joining us at the WHC Kids Kamp.
They are a delight and a very special gift.