Glorious Self Care

The Little Village of Goodness

The Little Village of Goodness offers a cornucopia of personal healing treatments.  Journey to the ‘Little Village of Goodness’ and find a village healer awaiting you.  More information on each of these practitioners, and a schedule/cost of their offerings will be posted at the Registration Table at the WHC

  • The Goddess Steam Lodge with Liz Henke & Tory Keller. The Goddess Steam lodge is a safe sacred space for women to heal and renew themselves. It is centered around the art and tradition of vaginal steaming, an invaluable self-care tool that helps women connect more deeply with their bodies. Steam appointments will be available throughout the weekend and last between 20-45 minutes. There are a variety of herbal steam blends to choose from, serving a wide range of needs. Liz Henke is the founder of  Dreamseed Apothecary. Her work focus’s primarily on women’s health and incorporates vaginal steaming as an invaluable healing tool for women.
  • CranioSacral & Zero Balancing with Andrea Reisen. CranioSacral & Zero Balancing are gentle, non-invasive body therapies that help release tension deep in the body. They are specifically used for relieving stress and pain in the body and improving over all health. A gentle non-painful, non-invasive form of therapy, the client is fully clothed while being worked on. Andrea has been a practitioner of CranioSacral & other healing modalities since the late 1980’s. She is renowned for her healing touch and is Rosemary’s personal therapist.

Yoga—Stretch Your Mind & Body

Come stretch into the day with gentle postures and asana’s. Yoga is offered each morning and also as a preconference warm-up at the Women’s Herbal Conference. All levels are welcome from beginner to advanced. Bring a yoga mat and/or pad and blanket and your water bottle.


2018 Details Coming Soon!

The Red Tent

Red Tent Movement is a worldwide grassroots movement creating woman honoring culture, envisioned and birthed by ALisa Starkweather at the New England WHC 10 years ago. Red Tents are spreading rapidly all over the world with the help of Dr. Isadora Leidenfrost’s documentary, “Things We Don’t Talk About; Healing Stories from the Red Tent”. ”

This sacred space offers an opportunity to slow down and check in with your precious self, or connect with other sisters in respectful and compassionate exchange. Come in any time during the conference to rest, journal, share bodywork, herbal counsel, or healing, to sing, pray, dance, draw, meditate, restore.

The Yellow Springs Red Tent sisters will be priestessing the RTT all weekend and a schedule of Red Tent activities will be posted.