Circle within a Circle


Young women are especially invited to join us at the WHC. We/they have created a special program (Circle within a Circle) within the WHC that focus’s on classes and activities of interest to the young women. They are, of course, welcome to attend any of the programs offered on the schedule whether the special Circle classes and or classes on the regular schedule. Katy Chabot is the facilitator of the Circle within a Circle Program and is an herbalist and school teacher of high school children in Vermont. She has been directing the Circle within a Circle for the past nine years at the WHC conference and is beloved for the amazing skills she brings.

Please noteno matter how old and mature your ‘12 almost 13 year old’ is, your daughter must be 13 at the time of the WHC to be included in the Circle within a Circle program. All twelve year olds, even “12 1/2 almost 13 year olds” must be registered for Kids Kamp. Sorry, we know it seems unfair, but this is the ‘rule of the game’ established by the Circle girls themselves. And there’s a reason for it that once your daughter really is 13 and older, that she will understand and appreciate. 


Fri. 2:30 ~ 4: Finding your Plant and Animal Medicine Totems with Lupo Passero.   A medicine totem can be the symbol of a tribe, clan, family or individual. Native traditions believe that each individual is connected to different animals and plant spirits that will accompany each person through life, acting as guides.  Join is in circle to find out who your plant and animal guides may be.  We will discuss how to determine your plant and animal guides and discuss those that you may already have and offer a simple ceremony inviting new guides into our lives.

Fri. 4:30 ~ 6:00: The Nature of Flowers with Kate Gilday.  Flowers enhance our lives in so many ways.  They speak to our hearts, and often from our hearts as we bring flowers into a celebration, bring beauty to our gardens and homes, enliven our meals or offer flower petal healing as flower essences or spiritual bathing.  Come learn which flowers are edible, those flower preparations that hold gentle yet powerful medicine for physical well-being, and how to prepare and use a flower essence.  Samples will be shared.


Saturday 9 ~ 10:30: Empower Your Inner Warrior: Self Defense 101 with Erin Wolf.    Learn basic techniques for hand-to-hand offense and defense. We will go over how to increase situational awareness, develop fight/flight reaction, and reverse the victim role. Go at your own pace in a safe non-judgmental setting. Wear clothes that are easy to move in, and bring a water bottle.

Saturday 11 – 12: 30Herbs in Body Art w/Sarah Wu. Plant dyes have played a major role in body art from the ancient priestesses of Isis, the native peoples of the Amazon, the traditional Indian ceremonial use of henna and the contemporary tattoos of Western Culture. These dyes can be permanent or temporary and they always have deep significance to the wearer. Explore their history and uses and get tattooed with Guyatil, a blue-black temporary dye and medicinal fruit from the jungles of Costa Rica.

Saturday 1:45-3:15; Remembering Our Ancestral Practices with Sophia Wise One. Experience and explore practices to connect with your ancestors and spirit guides and reclaim the wisdom, rituals and healing traditions of your lineage. We all carry within us the wisdom of our ancestors who knew and know how to heal and be on this earth in a harmonious way.  As you step into womanhood connecting with your own ancestors and spirit guides provides a powerful sense of belonging. Through discussion, basic practices you can take home and deepen, and a guided meditation we will establish and/or strengthen your relationship creating a bridge between you and your personal wisdom council. Bring a journal and something comfortable to lie on.

Saturday 3:30 – 5:00: Come Fly through the Air with Aerial Silks with Amy Glasser.  Come fly in the air and feel empowered in your body as we play on the aerial silk. The workshop will begin with a basic warm up and stretch to get our bodies loose and moving. We will then explore on the fabric, and learn different poses, wraps, stretches, and climbing techniques. We will feel beautiful, strong, and have fun doing it as we hang upside-down and play with gravity. Welcome for every-body! Tight fitted, stretchy clothing is recommended.


Sunday 8:30 – 10:30  Purification Lodge for Circle within a Circle with Sara Caldwell. Join other young women in this powerful earth ceremony.  The purification lodge helps balance one’s physical, emotional and, most importantly, spiritual aspects through our connection with Mother Earth.  We are honored to have Sara lead us in the lodge today. Meet at the Sweat Lodge.

Sunday 11 ~ 12:30: We are Here, We are the Ones ~ an Empowerment Ceremony facilitated by Jade & Marybeth Wolf.  We will guide the creation of a collaborative Dance piece that represents YOU, and what is present for you in your lives right now – the joys, struggles, passions, longings, power.  Together we will create this powerful dance ceremony to honor the earth, one another, and this special time in our lives.  If you have flowing scarves or colorful clothing, you’re invited to wear them.    

Thank you each of you beautiful gorgeous young women
for joining us and being our inspiration and light of the future