Circle within a Circle


Young women are especially invited to join us at the WHC. We/they have created a special program (Circle within a Circle) within the WHC that focus’s on classes and activities of interest to the young women. They are, of course, welcome to attend any of the programs offered on the schedule whether the special Circle classes and or classes on the regular schedule. Katy Chabot is the facilitator of the Circle within a Circle Program and is an herbalist and school teacher of high school children in Vermont. She has been directing the Circle within a Circle for the past nine years at the WHC conference and is beloved for the amazing skills she brings.

Please noteno matter how old and mature your ‘12 almost 13 year old’ is, your daughter must be 13 at the time of the WHC to be included in the Circle within a Circle program. All twelve year olds, even “12 1/2 almost 13 year olds” must be registered for Kids Camp. Sorry, we know it seems unfair, but this is the ‘rule of the game’ established by the Circle girls themselves. And there’s a reason for it that once your daughter really is 13 and older, that she will understand and appreciate.

Thank you each of you beautiful gorgeous young women
for joining us and being our inspiration and light of the future