31st Anniversary Celebration

New England Women's Herbal Conference

August 24 - 26, 2018

Held at beautiful Camp Wicosuta on New Found Lake, New Hampshire

Each year, for the past 31 years the New England Women’s Herbal Conference has brought together women herbalists, healers, and plant lovers to share their wisdom of the herbs and natural healing. Though the emphasis at the Women’s Herbal Conference is on women’s health, healing, and well being, the NEWHC is far more than an educational event. It is a joyful celebration of women spirit and women’s wisdom, as well as a special time of honoring the Earth and her plant rich being.

Camp Wicosuta has been a girls' camp for over 90 years and was founded by a visionary woman to foster leadership skills in young woman. The camp provides excellent facilities, indoor lodging, camping, and a lovely sandy beach on the lake for swimming and enjoying the sun and water.

Over 35 well-known herbalists and natural health care practitioners lead over 70 workshops for all levels of expertise & interest

We invite you to wander through our website to find the teachers, activities, and classes that catch your eye. 

A few things we thought might be helpful if you are arriving here for the first time

Registration includes access to the all the classes and activities (except for the Intensives) as well as camping.
Intensives are longer classes, allowing you to go more in-depth on a subject.
Meal Plans are available or there will be food vendors on site.
In addition to camping, there are rustic bunkhouses, and you are also welcome to stay offsite at one of the many lodging locations.
The conference begins on Friday - Registration opens at 8:00am and Opening Circle is at 1:00pm
We also now offer Thursday Early Arrival from 4:00pm to 6:30pm.
You can find out more about each of these options on the rest of the website.

All women are joyfully and heartfully invited to this intergenerational, multi-cultural circle in celebration of the plants.  Women of all racial identities, national or ethnic origins, ancestries, ages, religions or religious creeds, abilities, sexual orientations, skin colors, and body sizes. If you are a cis or trans gender woman, a non-binary person assigned female at birth, or an intersex woman, you are invited into this sacred community space. We ask that you come with an open heart, willing to be respectful that while we are all ONE we are not all the same. Like flowers in a colorful bouquet, we represent the many blossoms in a garden, each beautiful and unique in our own way.